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Lanzarote Things to Do at Night

The night in Lanzarote is full of entertainment activities that both fun an our unique. Our top list includes a concert in a cave, dinner in a museum, a country & western show, a comedy drag show, a cabaret show, sunsets at the marina and an artisan crafts market.

There is much to do that goes beyond the Island Nightlife, so don’t head out to the bars or clubs before you review our truly magical things to do at night in Lanzarote!

Jameos Music Nights

Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 pm to 1 am (Wednesdays are included during the summer months), are known as Jameos Music Nights, where you can enjoy a guided night tour, dinner, and music in an amphitheater inside a volcanic cave.

The pathway as you walk into the auditorium is filled with singing birds and large green ferns. A 5-course dinner starts at 7:30 pm, allowing ample time to eat and explore the cave before the 45-minute concert begins featuring timple music selections.

After the concert, enjoy more drinks while listening and dancing to music from a live DJ.

Cueva de Los Verdes Music Festival

This venue is a chosen location for many events, because of the landscape and the way the colors cast shadows among the volcanic rocks creating a unique backdrop. The acoustics in the concert hall allows the sounds of the performance to be sharply heard without the use of additional equipment.

The Daahoud Salim Quintet is the opening performance for the III edition Music Festival Cueva de Los Verdes, which begins in late November and continues until May. The Music Festival will feature jazz and contemporary music in an underground lava tunnel. This is an opportunity to witness Daahoud Salim on the piano, Bruno Calvo on the trumpet, Pablo Martinez on the trombone, Hendrik Miller playing double bass, and Sung-Mi Hong on the drums.

A Night at the Museum

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy Museum Nights @ Castillo de San José with a romantic dinner at the MIAC from 7 pm to 1 am.

The atmosphere provides a panoramic view of the bay of Arrecife, in the basement of the museum. The window seating allows you to view the four-horse sculpture artwork by Jason deCaires while overlooking the harbor and listening to music from a live DJ.

A three-course Nouvelle style cuisine is cooked at your table and served until 11 pm, however, the castle with the rooftop viewing area, is open to 1 am.

Party in Bar La Cueva

Surrounded by volcanic stone and built in a volcanic crater, this restaurant/cave bar lights up at night allowing you to take in the atmosphere.

Gaze out at the pool, rocks, and garden while laser lights softly flow through the scenery. At Bar La Cueva, you can enjoy tomatoes and goat cheese, mojitos, steak, fish or even boneless leg of lamb. Explore the secret passageways built in the volcanic craters while touring the old house of Omar Sharif, listening to music from the live DJ located on the upper level.

The restaurant and cave bar is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6 pm to 1 am. You can explore the gardens and caves from 6 pm and the admission is free until 1 am.

Rancho Texas Country Night

A 4-hour, country-western dinner, and show at Rancho Texas on Tuesdays and Fridays that runs from 7 pm to 11 pm. When you arrive you are greeted by cowboys on horseback simulating a holdup, leading into the whip and lasso performance. Dinner consisting of a western-style ranch buffet with ribs, potatoes, chicken, and salad is served.

After dinner, the Dakotas provide another whip and lasso performance, while cowgirls assist the kids for a ride with the horse and stagecoach or to guide guests to the bucking bronco. Live music is performed by the Texas Bandits, with a tribute to Dolly Parton, along with line dance lessons by Calamity Jane.

Music Hall Tavern

The Music Hall Tavern provides you with live music, dancing and comedy while enjoying a three-course meal and continuous drinks (beer, sangria, soft drinks, and wine) throughout the evening. Watch as the local drag queens perform popular musical numbers and comedy skits.

Upon arrival at MHT, you have an opportunity to take photos with some of the entertainers. Then you are brought to your table to enjoy a comical drag performance with jokes, music, and skits. After the show, mingle with the stars for a bit, then head back to your hotel.

Oceans Royale Lanzarote

When you first arrive at Oceans Royale, enjoy a welcome drink as you are guided to the terrace overlooking the sea, to view Lanzarote at night.

You have photo opportunities with the performers before you are led to your seats. You’re then served a three-course dinner and the ringmaster commences the show.

There is a light and sound show followed by live vocalists and Las Vegas-style showgirls. You are also entertained with acrobats and a magician. If you upgrade to VIP, illusions are performed at your table.

To conclude the night, you are led outdoors to enjoy the fire show and more acrobats.

Marina Rubicon Sunset and Drinks

This hidden corner of Lanzarote, Marina Rubicon has many establishments where you can enjoy the view of the sunset while having dinner and drinks.

The Blue Note has an outdoor patio that provides a view of the sunset overlooking the Marina and boats. You can sit and listen to live jazz music while sipping cocktails such as the espresso martini and enjoying a Mediterranean style dinner of fish or steak with mushroom sauce. The Blue Note does offer vegan and vegetarian meal options.

El Mirador Restaurant is known for viewing the sunset from the terrace. El Mirador is also known for its tapas and cocktails.

Yum Yums is a popular place to watch the ferries pass by as the sunsets over the Marina. During the colder months, you can stay warm with blankets and heaters while relaxing on the sofa enjoying cocktails such as the XXL mojito.

Puerto Calero Marina Sunset and Drinks

The harbor views at Marina Puerto Calero are delightful, as are the restaurants and nightlife.

McSorleys Irish Pub offers an outdoor seating area close to the marina with a full view of the water and sunset. The atmosphere is very lively, friendly and features live sporting events such as Rugby or Grand Prix. Popular menu items at McSorleys are fish and chips with Guinness.

If you are looking for Italian food at the marina, while watching the sunset, there is La Pappaedella. They offer a view of the marina and yachts while enjoying a signature sangria and pasta.

If you are in the mood for late-night steak, La Portena is an Argentinian steakhouse on the harbor, known for preparing the steak on an open pit. The La Portena has a balcony with outdoor seating, where you can view the entire marina have a cocktail while the sunsets.

Pueblo Marinero Night Market

Wednesday evenings are artisan night at the Pueblo Marinero Night Market from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. The streets are lined with vendors selling their personally hand-crafted jewelry and other craft items.

If you are looking for more than just crafts, Friday evenings hosts a larger variety of vendor stalls, such as perfumes, handbags, and accessories.

Nighttime Gift Shopping @ Deiland

Deiland Shopping Center has two floors with more than 60 commercial stores that are open until 10 pm. Stradivarius and Cortefeil offer high-end fashion options while bargains can be found in H&M, Lefties, and Springfield.

Boutique shops like Bimba y Lola, Cucumber, Pull & Baer offer unique designs while UnderWear & Co, Calzedonia and Women’s Secret, and specialize is more simple clothing. Marypaz and Ola Zapatería have decent options for women’s shoes, while B2, Sprinter and Primitive are popular for those into sports.

If you want to pamper yourself, The Body Shop, Keihl’s, and Perfumería Sam are good options, while Toy Planet, Imaginarium and Canada House are great for kids.