Lanzarote Go Karting

Lanzarote Go Karting

There are two track options to go karting in Lanzarote, one in San Bartolomé and the other in Puerto del Carmen. Both offer driving options for small children, teenagers and adults.

Driving Options

Both gokarting centers offer two different types of karts to choose from, which are meant for novice and intermediate drivers.

Novice Karts

These kart are more suitable for young children and have a maximum speed of 35 km per hour (22 miles).

Intermediate Karts

The second option is meant for older teenagers and adults who are comfortable being the wheel. They can go as fast as 60-80 km per hour (37-50 miles).

Gokart Tracks

Both the adult kart tracks in Lanzarote have similar designs with numerous curves that require focus and concentration to navigate while the corresponding children’s tracks are quite simple in design.

The adult track corners require you to use your brakes while judge the maximum speed at which you can take them .

Gokarting Tours

There two karting tracks are quite close together and are found in the middle of Lanzarote near the southern shores.

The first option, Gran Karting is found in the resort town of Puerto del Carmen. The second option, Lanzarote Karting, is located in San Bartolome which is to northeast of Arrecife and slightly northeast of Playa Honda and the Lanzarote Airport.

Gran Karting

The kart club has a 2.3 km (7,697 feet), flat circuit track with a width of 10 meter (33 feet).

Pricing: There are three levels of kart tour pricing which include:

  • Children’s karts (5 to 10 years old), € 7 for every 8 minutes
  • Junior karts (10 to 16 years old), € 10 every 8 minutes
  • Adult karts (over 16 years old), € 15 every 8 minutes

Group Packages: For groups of 10 or who reserve a week in advance, they offer a package deal at € 40 per person.

The prices include, 2 warm-up laps, 2 qualifying laps and 2 competitive races of 8 and 10 laps each.

A championship medal is awarded to the winner upon completion and group photo is handed out to all.

Location: You’ll find Gran Karting Club on Carretera de las Playas (LZ-2, Km.7) in Puerto del Carmen

Opening Hours: The track is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

Contact Info:+34 928 524 956 | Website

Lanzaote Karting

The kart track in San Bartolome offer a unique topography which included both uphill and downhill slopes alongside flat stretches.

Location: You’ll find Lanzarote Karting Club just south of San Bartolome where Carretera Arrecife-Tinajo (LZ-303) meets the LZ-20 coming from Arrecife.

Opening Hours: The track is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

Contact Info: +34 928 520 022 | Website

Pricing: There are two levels of kart tour pricing which include:

  • Junior karts (10 to 16 years old), € 8 every 6 minutes
  • Adult karts (over 16 years old), € 12 every 6 minutes

Promotional Offers: You can get a discounted rate of € 20 for 18 minutes which is saving of € 16 for adults and is cheaper than paying for two individual adult sessions.

Tourist Map

Here you’ll find the locations for both Gran Karting and Lanzatore Karting along with all other popular tourist activities in Lanzarote.


Lanzarote Go Karting

No, they’re not. Hitting the go-kart tracks in Lanzarote can be quite expensive, with 6-8 minutes of track time costing between 7-15€ per session.

Yes. Lanzarote’s dry climate keeps the track surface safer than most other places. The sport of go-karting itself is also generally safe, as long as you follow the instructions given and do not deviate from them.

It may surprise you to know that due to the go-kart’s low center of gravity and the small steering wheel size, even after a short 6-minute ride, you will notice some tension in your arms.

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