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The museums of Arrecife can be found in castles, city streets and by the seaside. Whether you’re into art, archaeology, history or aeronautics, there is an abundance of options to choose from.

Check out our interactive museum map to see the location of each building and it’s surrounding area.

Fundación César Manrique

Arrecife Museums

The former home and studio of César Manrique were built upon a lava flow with artistic brilliance and oneness with nature being present throughout. A volcanic rock bubble swimming pool along with artworks by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró are the main attractions. While technically found a few kilometers outside of Arrecife off the LZ-1 near Tahiche, the Cesar Manrique Foundation is must-see as it exemplifies the grand designs he had for Lanzarote.

Museo Arte Contemporaneo

Arrecife is a beautiful port city with a vibrant seafront and colorful streets. Our tourist map shows the top attractions, historical buildings, museums, points of interest and open-space areas.

The International Museum of Modern Art showcases collections from the 1950s through to the 1970s. It includes several Cesar Manrique pieces as well as those from other internationally acclaimed artists within the 18th-century setting of Castillo San José.

Museo de Historia

Arrecife Museums

Found within Castillo de San Gabriel, the History Museum of Arrecife contains a few small exhibits on Lanzarote geology and its pre-Hispanic military equipment. There is also some info on the islands flora and fauna while the castle property itself offers photographers a panoramic view of the seafront promenade.

La Casa Amarilla

Arrecife Museums

The Yellow House on León y Castillo was built in the 1920s as the former headquarters of Lanzarote Administration. Restored and renovated in 2002 for tourism, it now contains exhibits focusing on the knowledge and ethnographic history of Lanzarote. The historic building facades with green and ochre glazed tiles make it one of the most recognizable structures in town.

Casa de la Cultura

Arrecife Museums

The House of Culture Agustín de la Hoz is a two-story, 19th-century mansion turned cultural center with a gallery of 300+ paintings and three temporary artist exhibition halls which vary in nature. The home itself was the former residence of the Governor of Lanzarote, Agustin de La Hoz, and its elegant central staircase hints of Scarlet in Casablanca.

Museo Aeronautico

Arrecife Museums

The Aeronautical Museum building at Lanzarote Airport is the actual pre-1970 airport terminal before tourism took over the island. Inside the art-deco structure, exhibits cover the early days of manned flight when Lanzarote was a stop-over for transatlantic pioneers. Aviation enthusiasts and those with time on their hands before leaving the island make up the bulk of its visitors.

Museo Arqueológico

Arrecife Museums

The Archaeology Museum of Lanzarote has two halls that document the origins of Lanzarote’s ethnographic heritage.

Hall A is a permanent exhibition that centers around the aboriginal inhabitants and excavation discoveries of cave paintings and scenography, pottery and ritual objects. Hall B is a temporary exhibition with a rotating usage for things like educational workshops, conferences, and heritage-related courses.

Centro de Innovación Cultural

Arrecife Museums

Previously the headquarters of the Arrecife School of Arts and Crafts, César Manrique remodeled and opened it to the public in 1974, as multi-dimensional center called El Almacén. In 1989 it was taken over by the local government and soon became the Cultural Innovation Center. It currently houses an exhibition Hall full of local artistry and a cinema room. There’s also a warehouse classroom and bar which are also open to the public.

Interactive Museum Map

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