Theme and Amusement Parks

Istanbul has numerous amusement parks, theme parks and adventure parks that will more than keep your family entertained all week long. Not only are the rides big and spectacular, but there is fun to had for children of all ages, including those pretending to be adults.

Amusement Parks

The are three main amusement parks in Istanbul where tall rollercoasters and water splash rides are the main features. Isfanbul is by far the biggest of them all, while Korsan Adasi offer seaside views. Moipark, however, is the place to go in rainy weather. as it’s fully indoors.


Formerly known as Vialand, Isfanbul is Turkey’s first mega theme park which is situated over 120 thousand square meters. Rides like The Breathtaking rollercoaster takes you on an adrenaline rush with a top speed of 110 kph in 3 seconds. The Crazy River takes you on a 700-meter river ride in a 9 person round boat that moves in circles as it splashes water back into the boat.

The Tower of Justice offers a brief view of the entire theme park at 50 meters high before brakes are released as you rapidly drop back down. The 360 gives you a 360-degree view of the theme park while you are upside down at 28 meters high. The Adventurous zips you around the park at 70 kph in a 2 person car.

Korsan Adasi

Formerly known as Viaport Marina Theme Park, Korsan Adasi holds a pirate theme. This park is designed for the entire family and is part of the world’s first 5-function marina, completely constructed on the sea.

Red Fire is a free-falling roller coaster from 55 meters reaching a speed of 115 km in 2.5 seconds. The Nautilus Family Train is a family designed attraction that reaches a top speed of 75 km, that will take you and your family on twists and turns throughout the park.

If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, The Whirlpool places you at a 180-degree tilt while spinning around 360 degrees throughout the entire ride. The Deckman Gondola is for ages 3 and up, where you sit in a pirate style ship swinging side to side as if you were out on the sea.


This is a 2 floor, pay-as-you-go, indoor amusement park, seated over a 12,000 meters squared area. The Haunted Hotel is one of the main attractions, occupying 750 square meters of space, designed to scare guests 12 and older. This attraction has animatronic robots and storytelling actors disguised in plastic make-up.

The Adventure House is for ages 4 and above, featuring an adventurous tunnel with challenging obstacles, colorful stairs and a surprise as you work to climb slides to the hills. Stone Heads Cave is a family-oriented attraction for ages 6 and up that takes you on a ride through a cave while you shoot lasers at various targets.

Enjoy riding the carousel of white horses, elephants or swans at Horses or participating in carnival games at the carnival attraction.

Theme Parks

Since Korsan Adasi is pirate themed, it would also qualify as a theme park of sorts, but we left this section to include more elegant themes. The two main theme parks in Istanbul are Miniaturk and Legoland which both offer unique perspective of the world in both miniature and lego form.


This is one of the world’s largest miniature parks featuring a 15,000 square meters model area of historic structures in and around Turkey. In addition to the model area, you will find a playground, sightseeing train, mobile Topkapi ferryboat, Miniaturk Ottoman Photographer and a mobile fairytale tree.

There’s an interactive stadium that allows you to view a march and ceremony by inserting a coin into the kiosk of teams featured in the stadium.

The park models important works from Istanbul, Anatolia and Overseas territories. A few main structures from Istanbul are Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and Hagia Sofia.

The Anatolia territory, includes the Selimiye Mosque, Bursa Grand Mosque and the Stone Bridge of Adana. The Dome of the Rock-Kubbet-us Sahra and the Mostar Bridge are model works featured from overseas.


This is where you can let your imagination run wild by building creations made out of Legos. You can ride the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride to save the princess using a laser to zap away at evil trolls and skeletons, as you ride through on your chariot. See what you can discover in the mini-land interactive city, composed of historic structures from around the globe made from close to 1 million legos. The 4D cinema is where you can experience rain, snow, wind and lightning effects as you watch the new Lego Movie 4D A New Adventure or witness a battle before your eyes in Merlok 2.0.

Adventure Parks

While amusement parks and theme parks are all the rage, if you’re looking for a little more adventure, you can find it in the great outdoors. The two main adventure parks in Istanbul are Xtreme Adventures and Forest Kemerburgaz which canopy related fun in form of zip lines and obstacle courses.

Xtreme Aventures

At this park, there is something for the entire family to enjoy within this 8000 square meters forest area. For little ones between the ages of 3-5 yrs, there is a net full of balls for the little tykes to roll around in as you keep an eye on them in the observation area.

There is a 180-meter long zip line track for those that are 8 and older, to zip pass through trees over the park at 15 meters high.

The Network Course is designed to take your little ones between the ages of 4-8 yrs on an adrenaline inspired obstacle course. As a parent, you can either wait on the side or join in the fun as your little one climbs, slides, swings and crawls through this netted obstacle course 10 meters off the ground.

Forest Kemerburgaz

At 65,000 square meters, this is Turkey’s biggest open space adventure and activity park. This forest park has attractions such as high and low rope, human slingshot, zipline, network track, and an escape room.

Other activities in addition to the attractions, including picnics with loved ones, paintball, riding go-karts through the forest or swinging in the giant swing. The little ones will have their share of entertainment in the children’s village forest. This features activities such as bingo, a sandbox, a craft area and more.

If you get hungry there is a restaurant on premises where you can sit and enjoy a meal with family.

Map of Theme Parks

While we’ve included all theme, amusement and adventure park summaries below, on this map you’ll also find all the water parks and go-kart tracks in Istanbul. You will however have to view the Aquariums and zoos pages if you’re looking animal related theme parks.