Zoos in Istanbul

Istanbul’s largest zoo is Faruk Yalcin, but Aslan Park offers exotic cats, while Jungle Istanbul has many unique animals on display. Timsah Park features Crocodiles and other reptiles in an underwater aquarium setting.

Furthermore, on our zoo map, you can find kid-friendly activities at petting farm/animal parks such as Ormanya Wildlife Park, Park of Istanbul, Polonezkoy Zoo, and Aydos Forest Park.


Faruk Yalcin is by far, the largest zoo in Istanbul and even includes a botanical park, while Asian Park at Kordan Adasi (formerly ViaSea) offers a wide range of exotic cat species. Jungle Istanbul.

Faruk Yalcin

This zoo features 3000 animals and 250 species of mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and invertebrates. Over 100 species of the exotic animals in the zoo are either under threat of extinction or require critical protection.

Some of the mammals that you will find here include the red panda, red-collared lemur, grizzly bear, zebra, dwarf hippopotamus, Siberian tiger and more.

There is a wide range of snakes, turtles, lizards, including crocodile of the Nile, a bearded dragon and tiger python. The exotic birds that can be found are the black swan, blue peacock, Australian emu ostrich, and the African ostrich.

You will find plenty of fish in the zoo, such as the South American freshwater stingray, Russian sturgeon, angelfish and koi fish. The invertebrates consist of a variety of tarantulas and the flat rock scorpion.

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Asian Park

Here is where you will find a wide range of cat species from all over the world, unable to live in their natural habitat. You will see Bengal tigers, white lions, Siberian tigers, black panthers, and pumas.

Imagine being face to face with these exotic cats, where the only thing that separates you from them is a glass enclosure. Under close supervision, you can feed and play with the pups within the glass-enclosed surroundings.

You will witness leopards at rest and caracals moving about. The animals come from different parks and the wild, for a better home and to receive care from expert veterinarians.

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Jungle Istanbul

This park has over 400 animals and 100 species throughout the park. You will see exotic, dangerous and poisonous animals as you move through the park. Throughout the park, you will find many animals that normally reside in the rainforests, surrounding you in a glass tunnel aquarium.

Starting with the mammals, you will find marmoset monkeys and tamarins. As you move along to the reptiles, you will see the endangered Siamese crocodiles, the green anaconda snake, the desert lizard, panther chameleon, Burma python, red-tailed boa, Beaded lizard and mata mata turtle.

Then you will find yourself viewing the emperor scorpion, and bird-eating spider as you view the spiders. This park carries the saltwater clownfish and the freshwater Arowana. Finally, in the bird’s area, you will find the colorful parrots.

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Timsah (Crocodile) Park is found at Korsan Adasi Theme Park and is an underwater zoo that is literally an aquarium of reptiles.

The Faruk Yalcin Zoo and Jungle Istanbul also offer a wide-range of reptiles alongside their mammal and sea life exhibits.

Timsah Park

This is Turkey’s first underwater zoo where you can feed and take pictures with the animals that live here. As you move through the zoo you find yourself surrounded by underwater creatures moving around.

Watch the crocodiles move below your feet as you walk the glass aquarium that sits above their swimming area. Fish and sharks swim past you as you make your way through the park. You will find many exotic creatures here, such as the dwarf caiman, the crocodile of Nile, Nile dragon, African giant tortoise, and the giant Galapagos turtles.

Reptiles aren’t the only creatures that you will find here, the zoo also has various types of fish, sharks, and birds. You can hand-feed stingray or bottle-feed the koi fish.

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Animal Parks & Petting Zoos

These small zoos are geared towards small children and are usually include pony rides, petting areas that are combined with other attractions for kids. At Ormanya Wildlife Park you can also go camping, biking while the Park of Istanbul offers adventure ziplines and ATV rides.

At the Polonezkoy Zoo they also offer mini-boat rides, bumper cars, mini-golf and a swing ride. The Aydos Forest Park further has kayak rentals, forest picnics along with a small lunapark and live entertainment.

Ormanya Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is divided into several regions to explore, such as the children’s zoo, the wildlife area, camping, and tenting area and hiking and biking trails.

In the children’s zoo and wildlife are you will see various animals such as the Ala deer, Alpaca camel, Arabic horse, gazelle, camels, sheep, iguanas, boas, pythons, love birds, pheasants, swans, geese, ostriches, ducks, and chickens, roaming freely in the forest.

Children will enjoy pony rides, bike trails, playing on the playground and watching and feeding the animals in the animal garden. You can take the children by the pond to relax or grab a bite to eat in the cafe.

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Park of Istanbul

This park has 3 main areas to enjoy, the zoo, adventure park, and recreation area. In the zoo, you will find a variety of animals, which include, lion, dwarf goat, bear, ostrich, flamingo, sheep, camel, ducks, geese, tigers, lama and gazelle.

As you move to the adventure park, you can enjoy the zipline, trampoline, rope course, mini ATV safari, and roller coaster. Watch the children race on the children’s rally attraction, or attempt to make it through the netted rope course.

Zipline through trees and view the entire park or swing in the giant swing overlooking the park. If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, there is the rollercoaster zipline, that glide you around the park at 220 meters in the air.

In the recreation area, you will enjoy relaxing by the pond or having a picnic under the hut-style picnic tables. Barbecue fresh food from the market, while the children run around the playground.

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Adyos Forest Park

The Aydos Orman Parki is a forested area that provides plenty of outdoor activities for adults and children. This is a park intertwined in the middle of the forest, where the children can run around and explore.

Enjoy hiking up the hills or having a picnic by the pond. You can take the kayak across the pond and enjoy the outdoor forest scenery. You will find turtles, horses, ducks, and cattle roaming around.

There is an entertainment area for the children that features rides and live shows. The kids will enjoy the roller coasters, caterpillar ride, swings, bumper cars and fountains with cascading waterfalls. At night enjoy live entertainment with dancing and music.


Polonezkoy Zoo

This is an outdoor zoo, that enables you to interact with the animals. You will find miniature shetland, dwarf goats, miniature zebu cattle, ostriches, cranes, ducks and more roaming about the zoo.

Children can feed the goats, watch the goats play, pet the miniature shetland or chase after the ostrich. Kids can enjoy mini boat rides in the pond, playing bumper cars, dancing, playing on the playground, and having a picnic with the family while the animals roam.

The kids will enjoy the miniature pony rides, playing miniature golf, or playing life-size chess with one another. Take a swing ride to get a view of the park in the air, or watch as the children feed the ducks, play with the deer, or pet the camels that trot about the park.

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Map of Zoos

Depending on where you stay in Istanbul there’s a zoo or animal park within a short drive or metro ride away. If you’re want to see an aquarium or dolphinarium, we’ve included them on the map as well.