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Things to Do in Kadikoy

Kadikoy is an arty, eclectic district on Istanbul’s Asian side that has a lively atmosphere and nightlife. The markets, bazaars, beaches and coastal green space draw crowds. It’s also one of the best spots for breakfast in Istanbul as well as going on a bike ride.

Creativity plays a prevalent role in the things to do, as it’s not just present in galleries and performing centers, but in street murals, hippy shops, cafes and cooking classes.

A scenic ferry ride is all it takes to get here and you’ll find many landmarks, statues, and monuments here as well, to along with seaside scenery.

Produce Market

Kadikoy Pazari is a historical bazaar in the streets around Güneșlibahçe Sokak. Roughly half of the shops are dedicated to groceries and the rest are mostly related to clothing with some book stores and souvenirs shops thrown in. The photogenic displays of fresh fruit and vegetables and fish on ice are a sight to behold. Beyond that, there are stores for dried/fruit and nuts, olives and even pickle juice, while the catch-of-the-day is served in delicious fish sandwiches.

Food Tours

For those who want the scoop on the local foods, and expert advice on what to purchase from whom, a food tour will give you all the knowledge you need. Tour providers like Culinary Backstreets, Turkish Flavours and Istanbul on Food can provide you with a fun, tasty afternoon and enlighten you on the best places to shop and eat street food.


Walk, ride or sit along the number of parks and coastal areas in Kadikoy is astounding. If you’re looking for the best place to bike in Istanbul, you’ve found it.


There’s Kadikoy Park which is right behind the ferry terminal and leads to the path along the peninsula. As you head south you’ll reach Moda Park. After rounding the bend, you’ll find the Moda Kayikhane Cafe, which a great spot to stop for tea and enjoy the view. Next comes the start of the Moda Coastal Park and Pathway which leads into Yogurtcu Park along the canal.


As you cross the small bridge at Recep Peker Caddesi you see the Fenerbache Football Stadium and Museum. As you head south once again, you’ll pass by more sporting facilities, Kalamis Ataturk Park and Kalamis Marina on your way to the famous Romantika Fenerbahce Park.


From the island park in Fenerbache, you’ll have to make your way through some city streets as you work our east to the Caddebostan Beach Walkway. From here you can either head north and view Goztepe Park and the Anatolian Side Park and Garden before making your way to the beaches along the Caddebostan Coast.


As you continue along you’ll soon reach the Saskınbakkal Coast next along with Dalyan Park, Marin Beach and Suadiye Beach. Any of which makes a great place to stop for a rest. The borders of Kadikoy end at Botanci Ferry Terminal, but you can easily continue to Maltepe Coast if you wanted.

Central Kadikoy

The Ozgurluk Park can be reached quite easily from Goztepe Park, as it’s just above Cabbebostan, but the way through the Saudyie Coast is much nicer.

Coastal Sunsets

Anywhere along the green coastline mentioned above is a great place to view the spectacular sunsets of Istanbul. The view from the Kadikoy docks offers great backdrops of passing ferries and the Haydarpasa Railway Station. Anywhere along the Moda Coastline, Fenerbache Park or nearby Kalamis Marina are worth a visit.

Baris Manco Culture Center

The former home of Baris Manco is now a tribute museum to this Turkish musician, who led the Anatolian rock genre through the 60s and 70s. His musical style included a mix of traditional instruments and psychedelic sounds and is piped into the speaker system as your tour around. The museum contains collections of his flamboyant stage costumes and silver jewelry, as well as, his recordings, paintings, family photos, personal effects and gifts from his fans abroad.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Founded by poet and writer Sunay Akin, the Istanbul Toy Museum fittingly opened its doors on National Sovereignty and Children’s Day (April 23rd) in 2005. The museum showcases over 1,000 items that Sunay collected from over the years from antiques shops and auctions in over 40 countries. Some of the toys date back to the 1700s and it’s not only a place that’s fun for kids but adults too.


While day time is full of relaxing green places, you can experience the nightlife of Kadikoy in lively neighborhoods full of neon lights. The Dorock XL and Shine Terrace are very close to the port and Kadikoy Park while the Ağaç Ev Kadıköy is near the Bull Statue while The Badau is in the north near Nadas and the Artisan areas.

Bar Street

Kadife Street (Kadife Sokak), also known as Bar Street (Barlar Sokak) and is one of the most lively areas for nighttime entertainment in Kadikoy. Here you can find live music at Buddha Sahne and Velvet Club and great bars like Arkaoda, Karga, Bina, and Zicnic that draw in decent crowds. If you’re looking for something more intimate, there’s also Bardan Adam, Hera, Lai, and the Teacher’s Pub.

Damaci Street

Just one block back from Barlar Sokak, there a small street called Damaci Sokak that has some decent options in the Victor Levi Wine Bar, Elephant Pub and Bira Fabrikasi which is a short walk from the Rexx Cinema.

Moda Street

Also right behind Barlar Sokak, you’ll find Moda Caddesi where you have even more spots to grab a drink. Popular places include Ayi, Belfast Irish Pub, Rock’n’Rolla, Zeplin and Who among others.

Sureyya Opera House

Built in 1927 and restored in 2006-07, the grand Süreyya Opera House interior has a German influence and the art deco foyer is similar to the Champs-Elysées Theatre in Paris. On stage, you’ll find performances by the Turkish State Opera and Ballet, as well as a long list of classical music artists and events that change with the calendar. On exterior facade has you’ll see muses and masks along with a marble sculpture named Vodvil.

Rexx Cinema

Before heading out to Barlar Sokak, why not watch a movie at an old-school cinema that even has a vintage tear-ticket which you can keep as a souvenir. This quaint little picture house has been around for decades and is the only location used on the Asian side during the Istanbul Film Festival. On-screen you can see both blockbuster and indie films in their original languages, many of which have English subtitles.

Tourist Map

No matter what’re looking for in Kadokoy, you’ll can easily find it on our interactive tourist map below. Most of the touristy areas, clubs and bars are in Moda, near the historical Kadikoy Bazaar and along the coastline through Caddebostan.