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Fenerbahce Park & Marina

Fenerbache park is a tranquil area along the seaside where you can view the Bosphorus and the Princes’ Islands. Our tourist map includes things to do in this famous park, as well as, in and around Fenerbache Marina.

The park itself was named after its lighthouse (“fener” in Turkish) that was built way back in 1562 and is home to a majestic 150-year-old mastic tree.

Usually, the picnic area is filled with the sounds of children laughing and birds chirping, while brides and grooms taking wedding photos can be seen closer to the water.

Things to Do

While strolling around, you can feed the cats, picnic under the trees filled with blooming flowers, or even take a swim in the sea.

In the evenings, you can sit underneath the trees, enjoy the fresh air as watch the sunset as it disappears behind the lighthouse into the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of Marmara.

Many park goers also come here for breakfast tea or romantic diner at places like the Romantika Cafe & Restaurant, the Baraka Cafe and the Galatasaray Kalamış Restaurant.


While at the park you can also visit the marina which also is quite nice at sunset. Here you’ll find even more cafes and restaurants to choose from and offers some decently priced dining options.

The Tesaduf Cafe and Burj are in easy walking distance. So is Happy Moon which has an extensive Italian, Mexican & Texan menu at affordable prices to go along with their garden terrace.

BigChefs is more fine-dining pricey, as is Midpoint which is right on the water. The Salon Kalamis is a decent cafe and hookah bar while there’s indoor Hot Yoga here too for those in need of some relaxation.

Interactive Map

No matter what you’re looking for in and around the Fenerbache Park, you’ll be able to easily find it on our interactive tourist map below.

Not only did we include all restaurants and cafes in the area, but we’ve also added the necessities like WC toilets, parking, taxi stands, as well as nearby bank ATMs and grocery stores.