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Best Portable Pocket WiFi Rental Guide: Istanbul, Turkey

Pocket WiFi in Istanbul offers fast 4G internet connections in a secure and portable device with numerous different providers to choose from. In our rental pricing guide details the cheapest and best options available to create your own mobile hotspot.

Mobile WiFi

Pocket WiFi has many names, as it’s also known as MiFi (Mobile WiFi), Portable WiFi, Mobile Hotspot, WiFi Dongle or WiFi Egg.

In laymen’s terms, it’s a rechargeable internet router that you can take with you anywhere in Istanbul (and beyond) and connect it to numerous devices. Whether using your smartphone, tablet or laptop – this small, portable device can provide you with reliable and unlimited internet access on-the-go or in your hotel.

How it Works

Pocket WiFi works the same way as any other internet device, in that it broadcasts a WiFi signal which you can easily connect to via a secure password. The device itself utilizes a cellular network via a SIM card. Once logged in, you can check your email and surf the web as normal on any device that allows WiFi connections.

Usage Advantages

The fact that this WiFi router is small and portable makes it the ideal choice for travelers.

  • It literally provides internet access anywhere you can find a mobile signal
  • You can connect it to any WiFi ready device, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet or gaming station.
  • 4G connections in Istanbul offer download speeds of up 15Mbs.
  • Since it’s a private and password-protected network, it comes with mobile hotspot security
  • Its lightweight and compact size allow you to carry it around in your pocket like a phone
  • A single device can allow access for 10+ users within a 30-50 foot radius
  • There are no roaming fees and you can travel with it anywhere in Turkey.

Best Suited For

Heavy data/internet users can enjoy unlimited data usage under a fair-practice policy which is a huge selling point for many travelers even for those who only use it in their hotel. The fact that multiple users can easily connect to the same pocket WiFi device, also makes it a perfect choice for families and travel groups who need dedicated internet access, especially when on-the-go.

Rental Recommendations

While Rent ‘n Connect and StayinWifi are not the cheapest, we still highly recommend using them for their network reliability and the fact that you can purchase via GetYourGuide.

The pricing is the same no matter where you purchase, but when using GYG you can feel secure in knowing they have a no-hassle money-back guarantee that is well-reviewed and documented.

If you’re planning on buying a city pass, then do note that the Istanbul Tourist Pass also includes 3 free days of pocket WiFi from Rent ‘n Connect.

With the Coronavirus causing havoc with many travel plans of late, it’s simply a safe bet to ensure that if you cancel your trip, you can easily cancel your pocket WiFi too.

Most Reliable

The biggest and most reliable rental companies are Rent ‘n Connect, AllDayWiFi, StayInWiFi, and WiFiTR however they are a little pricier than others.


While not as well known, At just 13.50 € for 3 days and 22.50 € for 5 days, JollyWiFi is the cheapest option in this itinerary range.

From 6 days (25 €) to 8 days (30 €) and beyond (5 € per extra day) the cheapest option is RentWiFiTurkey with JollyWiFi just being a few euros extra.


While not as cheap or as well-known as others, if you’re looking for more options, there’s also WiFiRentalIstanbul, RentalPocketWiFi, and MyWebspot.

Rental Pricing

Below you can compare pricing for all of our listed pocket WiFi rental companies that service Istanbul.

CompanyLinkLink1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8 DaysX Days
JollyWiFiSiteFAQ€ 13.50€ 18.00€ 22.50€ 27.00€ 31.50€ 36.00€ 4.50
RentWiFiTurkeySiteFAQ€ 25.00€ 25.00€ 25.00€ 25.00€ 30.00€ 30.00€ 5.00
WiFiRentalIstanbulSiteFAQ€ 18.00€ 24.00€ 25.00€ 30.00€ 35.00€ 40.00€ 5.00
WiFiTRSiteFAQ€ 10.00€ 15.00€ 20.00€ 25.00€ 30.00€ 35.00€ 40.00€ 45.00€ 5.00
AllDayWiFiSiteFAQ€ 23.00€ 26.00€ 29.00€ 32.00€ 38.00€ 43.00€ 6.00
StayInWiFiSiteFAQ€ 26.00€ 33.00€ 40.00€ 44.00€ 46.00€ 52.00€ 6.00
RentNConnectSiteFAQ€ 12.00€ 18.00€ 24.00€ 30.00€ 36.00€ 42.00€ 48.00€ 54.00€ 6.00
RentalPocketWiFiSiteFAQ€ 14.00€ 22.00€ 24.00€ 30.00€ 36.00€ 42.00€ 48.00€ 50.00€ 5.50
MyWebspotSiteFAQ€ 26.70€ 35.60€ 44.50€ 53.40€ 62.30€ 63.20€ 8.00

Important Features

While there are many companies to choose from, do note that cheaper pricing usually means a lower quality or fewer features. To be sure you are making the right decision, here are the important features that will distinguish one company from another.

Unlimited Data Usage

This is something you can usually find in the fine print under (fair practice usage) where unlimited actually means limited to normal data usage. If you’re using social media, chat or even watching a NetFlix movie or two, you should be okay. If, however, you’re in a big group and everyone wants to download big files and use online streaming, you’ll most likely exceed the fair practice usage amount.

In general, you should ensure your plan includes at least 1-2GB per day if you plan on any online streaming.

WiFi Connection Speed

Let’s face it, you’ll regret going cheap if your connection speed has your surfing in molasses. While 4G and 4.5G terminology being thrown around are pretty standard, the guaranteed connection speed will differ. Always check for recent reviews, as well as what each company states on their FAQ page.

Battery Life

Because pocket WiFi devices tend to be small in nature, their batteries with not last all day without a charge. In general, you’ll get 5-6 hours of basic usage and 3-4 hours of intensive use. You can, however, pack a portable power bank with you, if you plan on being outdoors all day.

Connections Allowed

In general, most pocket WiFi plans will offer up to 10 users, but note that it is again is meant for normal data usage. Heavy data users within the group can also slow down your entire network which will effectively limit the number that safely surf, so be careful who you give out your password to.

Network Coverage

A mobile connection is required for pocket WiFi to work properly. So, if you plan on traveling outside of Istanbul with your device, especially to somewhere remote, be sure to ask if there is network coverage in the area.

Hotel / Airbnb Delivery

Most rental companies will have this option, but some include it into their listed pricing, while others add it on to your total. In our pricing table, we’ve included all shipping costs.

Airport Pickup / Drop-off

This feature is not yet commonplace, so you’ll only find some companies will only it and at times they only offer pickup and not drop-off. Pickup at New Istanbul Airport (IST) is most common with hotel drop-off, but some companies do offer Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) pickup as well. Now that Ataturk (ISL) is a private airfield, you’ll have to rely on hotel delivery.