Costa Teguise Things to Do

The old street lamps and artificial greenness make Costa Teguise quite beautiful. Use our tourist map to find top attractions, like the water park or golf course, as well as the marina nightlife, Friday market, shopping centers, and restaurants.

The drag show @ Decades bar draws also always seems to draw in a decent crowd.

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Costa Teguise Tourist Map

You’ll find all of Costa’s Teguige’s top attractions, activities, things to do and places to visit on our interactive map below. Included as well spas and wellness centers, tennis courts and football areas and the coolest swimming pools in town.

Top Attractions & Places to See

While this resort town may seem small on the outside, there is plenty to do and see. If you’re staying in Costa Teguise, know that it provides easy-accces to Tahíche, Gautiza, Teguise, Charco del Palo and Arrietta.

It it’s also the gateway town to the northern tours of Famara, Haria, Ozola, Mirador del Rio and Orzola.

Get Wild and Wild, Baby!

Costa Teguise Things to Do

Aquapark Costa Teguise is the biggest and most popular water park in Lanzarote. Its main features that even adults will like are the two huge kamikaze-waterslides, two big spiral slides, an aquaracer, and a lazy river.

For kids only, they have a children’s lake with splash zones, a water rocket, and baby-sized slides. There’s also a bouncy castle area and water zorbs to keep them active, while the jacuzzi and sunbeds await the adults who want to relax within view of their children.

Plunge Into an Above Ground Abyss

Costa Teguise Things to Do

The Lanzarote Aquarium is housed in five, natural volcanic bubbles that Caesar Manrique envisioned as fish tanks. With its 33 aquariums, 3 touch pools and over one million liters of water, this unique work of art is also one of the largest aquariums in the Canaries.

Over 300 marine-life species are available for viewing here. Typical Canarian gems include eye-catching clown fishes (Nemo!), blowfishes, gilthead seabreams, loggerhead sea turtles and hermit crabs.

If you want up close and personal with the fishes, you can dive in do that with no PADI certification required. Right before your eyes in the Oceanarium you will see nurse sharks, smooth-hound sharks, as well as stingrays and eagle rays; and that’s on top of the hundreds of other fish in the main tank.


Top Activities

It always pays to get some exercise on vacation. Getting some sun on the golf course is always good, while escape rooms and indoor paintball help pass the time on a rainy day.

Hit a Hole-in-One

Costa Teguise Things to Do

Designed by John Harris, the 18-hole course at the Costa Teguise Golf Club is open all year round. The dog-legged fairways and filled with palm trees and panoramic ocean views. The dark bunkers and luscious greens along with natural undulations in the slopes create for a challenging game and picturesque volcano backdrop.


Paint the Town Red

Costa Teguise Things to Do

The Indoor Paintball track allows you battle friends or strangers in games of team duel, capture the flag, all against all and last man standing. This close quarter combat can provide a quick adrenaline fix while at the water park or be saved for a rainy day of team building.

Live and Cinematic Performances

The drag show in town always draws a crowd while the Cine 10D theater is popular with kids.

Drag Yourself to the Show

Costa Teguise Things to Do

A visit to the Decades Show Bar can easily turn a normal night into a memorable one. Imagine it to be a mix of old-time cabaret and a drag queen act that’s quite family-friendly.

Miss Kitty and Jo King along Beaux and Belles offer up costumed comedy puns and cutthroat lip-syncing of old-school favorites. While the bar is quite small, entrance is free and drinks, service, and show all live up the hype.


Ride Into Another Dimension

Costa Teguise Things to Do

The 10D Cinema at the Aquapark is a motion-ride theater playing 3D movies with twisting and shaking chairs. There are also plenty of sensory effects involved like snow and water blasts, smoke and soap bubbles, along with blowing winds and leg tickling.

Generally, these movie theater rides are about 10 minutes long and geared towards a younger audience.

Tours and Excursions

There’s lot to do within a short drive from Costa Teguise and you’ll find most resorts and travel agencies in town providing hotel transfer options.

The famous Catcus Garden is quite popular as is riding a horse in the hills. When touring into the nearby towns of Arrecife and Teguise the number options goes up considerably.

Get Right Up in That Bush

Costa Teguise Things to Do

The Jardín de Cactus is the last landscape monument of César Manrique and it’s a real beauty. Even if you are a real prickly pear, the Cactaceae diversity will astound you.

In this garden of spikes and oblong shapes, you can find 10,000+ varieties of cacti, derived from over 1000 different plant species. The myriad of colors, textures, and sizes ensure that there’s bound to be one that turns you all bristly inside.

The hidden and artistic beauty on display, the scenic windmill gift shop, and the garden terrace bar make this one of Lanzarote’s unmissable attractions.

Gitty on Up Partner

Costa Teguise Things to Do

The ranch and livery at Horses Lanzarote are located just south of Teguise and within easy of the beach resorts area. Guided excursions take you along the volcanic landscape with overviews of east Lanzarote.

Riding helmets and back protectors are provided with numerous horses being available for riders of all ages and types. Lessons are also available which include horse collection/return, as well as, grooming, tacking and a riding lesson.


Be Active and Get Sporty

Beside golf, the resorts of Costa Teguise offer a wide range of sporting activities for guests to enjoy. Tennis courts have the most availability, while beach volleyball can be more memorable.

Resort sports areas usually also include facilities for football and basketball, while a few places offer mini-golf courses.


Costa Teguise Things to Do

The volleyball crowd hangs out on Playa Los Charcos as the nearby HD Beach Resort offers a nice enclosed, sandy court for guests to enjoy. Most other resorts that offer tennis courts and sports areas have some sort of volleyball setup, but it’s not the same as beach volleyball.

HD Beach Website


Costa Teguise Things to Do

While there is no public-access mini-golf in Costa Teguise, more than a few resort hotels have basic 9-hole courses on their premises. The most central location is the Melinas Selinas near Playa Las Cucharas, but its course is a little run-down.

For those wanting to stay near the Aquapark then the Santa Rosa Apartamentos and Blue Sea Costa Bastian are viable options. A little further to the west at Playa Ancala the courses get a little nicer at the Occidental Mar and Occidental Playa.

Get Some Sand in Your Butt

Costa Teguise Things to Do

As for beaches in Costa Teguise; Las Cucharas is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Lanzarote. Playa Bastian, El Charco, Los Topes and Playa el Ancla round out the rest.