Underwater Atlantico Museum

How long could you hold your breath the last time you went to a museum?

The answer is probably that you didn’t need to, but if you were to go and see the Atlantico Museum in Puerto del Carmen, you would soon find yourself gasping for air, as this place is underwater.

Museum Attractions

The museum has some sculptures of life like humans, and these models are based off local residents of Lanzarote. With over 200 statues to see, this place is breathtaking, both literally and figuratively, as you will be astonished at the details and unique designs of some of these underwater features.

For those who visit, this attraction is aimed specifically at divers and snorkelers, and its worth having an open water certificate to see this alone. But even if you are a none diver, you still have the chance to see the amazing landmarks, as there is a unique program which will teach you how to dive and hold your breath for longer so you can see the sculptures, and you don’t need a driving license for this.

Museum Accountability

Incredibly, over time this museum will also help marine life flourish, as the sculptures are constructed out of neutral pH cement. In the long term, this will improve conditions for marine life in the area and reproduction of aquatic life should improve.

This shows that the museum is more than just a cool underwater show, but it also sends a deliberate message about the importance of long-term sustainable conservation, within the Playa Blanca area, and is a great rallying call to inspire dramatic changes as to how we humans treat our oceans.