Playa Los Pocillos

Off the southeastern coast of Lanzarote sits a calm and hidden gem of a beach.

Picollos Waters

Be it July or January, this is a good place to take a swim and a perfect spot for paddling as the water is quite shallow.

Picollos Ambiance

Generally quieter than other beaches Pala de Los Pacillos is definitely easygoing and is certainly a good location to lay back and enjoy the sun.

Beside the calm and refreshing waters, there are plenty of deck chairs and umbrellas onsite.

Whether its to watch the sunset, enjoy crepes and ice cream, or settle down at a restaurant to eat paella, there is certainly a bustle of activity here.

Picollos Attraction

The beach itself is actually quite long, stretching a kilometer in length, and you will definitely be able to find a place somewhere to set up camp to relax by the sea, or secretly build a sand castle.

Picollos Relaxation

The beach is incredibly peaceful as water sports aren’t allowed.

No surfing or diving can be done here and there are also no ball games like soccer, although you may get away with volleyball, as there are a few nets.

The banning of sports on the beach is to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation, and being limited to a peaceful swim or sun lounging is still extremely satisfying.

Nearby Activities

That being said, there is the option to go crazy golf on the promenade, and there is also a children’s’ play area, where the kids can be let loose.

Picollos Food & Shopping

In the northern part of the beach lies the infamous venida de las Playas’ where there are numerous shops and restaurants.