Lanzarote Carnival

The land of fairies and magic, witches and warlocks, its no wonder people come every February to bear witness to the vibrant brightly colored costumes, and captivating atmosphere that the Carnival brings to Puerto del Carmen every year.

A yearly event that seems to have gotten lost in history, no one seems to know when these carnivals began, which makes the occasion all the more intriguing for spectators.

The past two years of the festival were incredibly successful.

In 2017, the carnival offered people a glance back in time as tribute was given to the 50s and 60s era when tourism was first initiated within Lanzarote. This was an incredibly important time for the local people here as it brought substantial economic growth on the island.

In 2018 the bewitched theme of the Puerto del Carmen Carnival had spectators marveling at the incredible costumes and amazing performances of magical beings, which brought the carnival to life.

The elements of the carnival have unique details that truly define the fun spirit of Lanzarote. Dance performances tend to emanate great rhythm, and these allow you to get tangled up in party mode, as this carnival will provide you with the perfect excuse to grab a drink, meet people and enjoy yourself.

Thousands of people follow the parade all over Lanzarote, and it seems to be a tradition that draws out the real friendly spirit of local people, and visitors usually just can’t help but get involved, as occasionally they will bring costumes of their own!