Cine 6D

A motion ride theater that combines virtual reality movies with 6D visuals, digital sound, theme park special effects. The shows offer a sensory experience that is more akin to an amusement ride rather than a popcorn affair.

All aspects of the theater and its seating are geared towards stimulating your senses. The action is fast, the digital sound booms, and the 3D graphics and special effects and fine-tuned to make it feel like you’re in the film rather than just watching it.

Motion Simulator Movies

The experience is much more intense than watching a regular movie, as the audience is in motion for most of the show. Racing seatbelts are not just recommended, they are a requirement.

The seating moves along with the camera angles so you can feel each twist, turn, dip or dive the scene takes. When the action switches to flight or chase scenes, strong winds blow through the theater. As for what happens during a water scene, it’s something you’ll simply have to experience for yourself.

Motion Ride Options

Cine 6D offers a selection of 8 different motion shows that provide different special effects and experiences.

The Skyride and Oceandive theaters are the main attractions. They offer the largest screens and the longest rides at around 12 minutes each, at a cost of 10 € per person.

The other film choices have different degrees of pace for each ride. The films are much shorter at 7 minutes each, but also a cheaper option at 5 € per person.


A 9-seat motion ride theater that is geared towards movies of flight. During the show, you’ll experience 4-foot drops as the seats rise and fall, and a whole lot of g-force, twists, and turns.


A 5-seat motion ride theater that is geared towards underwater and child-friendly films with a much slower ride pace.


There are 6 other films to watch in all with each having its own combination of unique special effects that match the on-screen action.

The slower rides that feature whacky dinosaurs and funny penguins are meant for kids and those who don’t like a lot of movement.

The faster rides feature carnivorous dinosaurs, spooky catacombs, roller coasters, and rickshaws. More often than not, you’ll find yourself holding on in excitement of the unexpected seat movement.

Now Playing

All eight motion ride films are available throughout the day, every day.

Volcano Island Tour

Cine 6D

The feature film for the 9-seat Skyride which offers a virtual reality experience of the island’s greatest tourist attractions. As you fly along with a drone above Lanzarote, you’ll see the island from a bird-eyes view.

You’ll also feel the wind in your hair, as you glide along the mountainous coast from Timanfaya to Mount Corona and then back down to the beaches of Playa Blanca. A quick dip underwater to explore a bit of the island’s sea life is also included.

Oceandive Atlantic

Take a virtual dive below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean as you swim along with dolphins and whales, as well as, explore ships wrecks and underwater caves.

As you tour the deep water, you’ll even encounter the famous yellow submarine and get to see close up views of Lanzarote’s marine life and coral reefs.

Lost World

A fast-paced time rover ride that takes you back 65 million years to a pre-historic era where dinosaurs rule the land. As you speed along in the rover passing darken forests and through spooky tunnels, you’ll experience unpredictable hairpin turns and a few huge drops into the unknown.

Island Coaster

A virtual rollercoaster ride that builds up in intensity into a menacing roar as it speeds along the track. You’ll feel the wind on your face and chills in your stomach as the coaster goes up and down and even upside down in a weightless zero-gravity roll.


A speedy ride that starts you off as a customer in a haunted and deserted fairground. As you climb aboard the rickety old rail track, a host of devilish surprises and timely mishaps keep you entertained and at the edge of your seat.

Wall of China

View the Great Wall of China in a rocket-powered rickshaw that reaches supersonic speeds as it cruises the world biggest attraction and the only one that can be seen from space.

Penguin Race

While the ride is made for small children, it offers a higher-intensity than Meet the Dinos with the fun aspect of being seen through eyes of penguins racing down a mountain.

The special effects, twists, and turns, as well as a few bumps also make it a little more interesting for parents.

Meet the Dinos

An easy, slow-paced ride designed for small children (3+) that allows them to discover a world full of dinosaurs. It will their prime their interest with some wacky pre-historic creatures and a host of kid-friendly visuals and sound effects.


All the motion show rides run on a continuous cycle throughout the day and with the rides being quite short (7-12 minutes long), wait times are usually very little, if any.

Video Tour

Visitor Info

Due to the 6D movie being a moving sensory experience, standing is not permitted. Chair seat belts must be fastened at all times and staff member instructions should be followed.

3D glasses will be handed out prior to each show and must be returned after completion.

Small children must also be accompanied by an adult and be a minimum of 3 years old to watch any of the shows.

Ticket Pricing

Admission to all movies/rides cost 5€ per person.

Opening Hours

Cine 6D is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Closing Days

The Biosfera Plaza and Cine 6D are only closed for three holidays during the year. All dates are found in a two-week period in late December through early January.

December 25thChristmas
January 1st – New Years Day
January 6th – Epiphany/Día de Reyes (the day after the Three Kings Parade)

Contact Details

Cine6D @ Biosphera Shopping Plaza
Calle Juan Carlos I, No. 15, 5th Floor (Rooftop)
Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
35510 Las Palmas, Spain
Phone: +34 928 51 16 90
Web: Homepage | Skyride | Oceandive | Films


You’ll find Cine 6D on the 5th-floor rooftop of the Biosfera Plaza on Calle Juan Carlos in the old town area of Puerto del Carmen.

5th Floor Map

Cine 6D can be found in the rooftop corner (2) between the Star Caf (2b) and the Starlight Open Air Cinema (1).

Cine 6D

Map Legend

  • 1 – Starlight Open Air Cinema
  • 1b – Open Air Terrace Cafe
  • 2 – Cine 6D
  • 2b – Star Caf
  • 3 – Kids Zone
  • 4 – Minigolf Jurassic Kingdom

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