Waverider RIB Excursions

They say there’s nothing like the wind in your hair, but when it’s moved by the power of a 600HP engine, you can bet the adrenalin surge will blow you away!

Tour Types

From a super fast trip to a wildlife experience or coastal adventure, the Waverider RIB Experience offers you three different options to enjoy Lanzarote by sea.

The Fast Blast

This tour starts off with a bang as you blast out of the harbor at breathtaking speed past the beaches of Puerto del Carmen and Matagorda in a 600HP super-charged Waverider.

Your adrenaline will keep pumping as you do donuts, high speed turns and figure-eights with the wind flowing through and thoroughly messing up your hair.

Then you’ll head out to the sea to catch some air off a few decent waves. Whereafter you’ll veer towards Puerto Calero and make a long highspeed turn back to the harbor with a few extra maneuvers to get your off of your seat and begging for more.

The ride in total is only 10 minutes, but you’ll be amazed at how much distance is covered in such a short time, as well as how many screams have left your mouth.

Groups, as well as stags and hens, tend to favor this trip due to affordability for all and the lasting impression it leaves.


Marine Safari

Beyond the scenic coastlines in Lanzarote, the waters that surround them feature a wide array of marine life. This 90-minute tour is geared toward nature lovers who want to see the island’s true treasures away from its busy towns and beaches.

As you head to open water your guide will inform you about the wildlife you may encounter. From bottlenose dolphins to short-finned pilot whales and loggerhead turtles, there is always something amazing to see in the big blue.

It’s not just the ocean that houses spectacular wildlife though, as you ride along the protected coastlines of Lanzarote you’ll be able to see many nesting birds.

It’s easy to see why this is an ideal landing spot for aves on their cross-Atlantic journey. The towering coastline offer added protection from predators and with an abundance of marine life to feed off, it’s literally a dream vacation come true.

The volcanic cliffs also offer natural nesting spots for many different bird species who often stay in this safe haven to rest and to raise their young before moving onwards.

As you tour from one natural habitat to the next, your guide will detail a litany of animals that you may chance upon.

Do note that binoculars will greatly improve your tour experience, as the boat only gets so close as to not disturb these wonderful creatures.


Papagayo Coastal Adventure

Up until the return trip, this tour a little more relaxed a lot more informative than the fast blast. While you’ll still be cruising with speed, you’ll also be soaking in the sights, as well as s little history in a 2.5-hour ride.

First, you’ll head over to Puerto Calero and stop for photos in the private port. From there you’ll move down the coast to the picturesque fishing village of Playa Quemada.

As you hug the coastline, your guide will explain the history of the 15 million-year-old coastline while pointing out unique volcanic rock formations, landmarks, and wildlife. There will be more than a few photo opportunities here, so be sure to have your camera at the ready.

The stunning Papagayo beaches in Playa Blanca are next, where you’ll stop for around 30 minutes. Snorkelers will appreciate this the most, while those who want to relax or catch some rays will enjoy their rest.

On the return ride to Puerto del Carmen, you’ll head out to sea as they open up the engines and perform a few high speed turns and donuts.

In open water you’ll have a chance to see dolphins, whales and flying fish, so keep your cameras close and your eyes steady.

Prior to heading back into the harbor, they’ll take a quick stop to ensure everyone is seated comfortably and then it’s 600HP on full-throttle for the remainder of the trip!


Private Charters

If you’d like you a personalized tour, they’re available from 250 € per hour with the option to choose the boat speed (fast and full on, slow and exciting, etc.)

Typical charters include parties for adults or children, as well as stags or hens, corporate events, photo shoots, sailboat or Ironman support.

Do note that children’s parties must have at least one adult present.

Tour Pricing

Online bookings are available up to 48 Hours prior to your trip via the Waverider website

The Fast Blast
10-minute adrenaline pump
Adults (12+ years only): 18 €

Marine Safari
Guided Nature Trip
Adults: 40 €
Children (5 – 12 Years): 25 €

Papagayo Coastal Adventure
Guided Tour
Adults: 50 €
Children (5 – 12 Years): 30 €

Private Charters
from 250 € per hour

Tour Add-ons

GoPro HD cameras are custom fitted to the Waverider and once back in port, you’ll have the option to purchase the full tour video and photos of your trip for an extra € 10.

Traveler Tips

If you’re not familiar with rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIB), do note that seating is upright for the entire trip and that the ride is both fast and at times, a little rough.

This tour is a full-on adventure, and all leisurely thoughts are left at the harbor. Those who suffer from heart complaints, back/neck complaints or who are pregnant or physically disabled should definitely NOT take this tour.

You are also very likely to get wet, so make sure that any devices you bring are either waterproof or placed in a waterproof bag on the boat.

How to Get There

Waverider RIB tours depart daily from the Old Town Harbour in Puerto Del Carmen.

Contact Details

Waverider Lanzarote – RIB Excursions
Old Town Harbour
Puerto del Carmen

Ticket Hotline: (+34) 928 849 409
Ticket Hotline: (+34) 672 969 852
Website: waveriderlanzarote.com
Facebook Page: waveriderlanzarote
General Info: munmarco@hotmail.com
Email Bookings: tickets@waveriderlanzarote.com

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