Lanzarote Cruise Excursions

When getting off the boat at the Arrecife call of port for a single day, you can choose to tour the North or South where you can fit in a day’s worth either way.

You can also rent a car that allows you to set your own travel itinerary and ensure you can cram as much into your day tour as possible.

Where is Lanzarote Located?

Known as Spain’s Garden, the Canary Islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, has at its eastern end, the most volcanic and desert geography on the island of Lanzarote which is located about 100 km from the African coast. 

What Makes Lanzarote Unique?

With its landscapes full of beaches and more than 300 volcanoes, including perfect weather all year round, you will quickly see why Lanzarote is an award-winning tourist destination in the Canary Islands. 

The dedication of the island to the environment and tourism has “provoked” the recognition of the World Tourism Organization as a universal model of sustainable development. In addition, the island has gone to considerable lengths to preserve its own, unique history, culture, and heritage.

The island has been, on occasion, the setting for filming imaginary scenes of man on the Moon or Mars. Numerous volcanoes, most of them already extinguished, and countless beaches of white and dark sand are spread across its territory.

It’s an authentic paradise of nature and tourism that can discover those who decide to take a cruise that includes Lanzarote in its itinerary.

What is there to Know About Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is an island that has changed a lot in the last decades. Its traditional and local past is still perceptible in many places. However, it has also given way to a modern island and overturned with exterior tourism. 

Once the visitor arrives at her on the cruise, she will be able to experience all her great sensations. 

What makes Arrecife Unique?

Given its proximity to the African continent, the capital, Arrecife, is home to the largest fishing fleet in the Canary Islands. It offers the possibility of purchasing local souvenirs that include embroidery, basketry, and ceramics of Guanche origin.

What makes the Port of Arrecife Unique?

The cruise port is also located in the capital of the island, Arrecife. It was born as an eminently fishing port, although the remarkable growth of its tourist industry has made it the third port of the Canary Islands in merchandise and first in fresh fishing. Its main traffics are containers and tourism cruises, for which it occupies an important position in the East Atlantic. 

It has three kilometers of berthing line, 120 hectares of flotation area, and 450,000 m² of land surface. The expansion projects of the Port are aimed at improving the infrastructure for containers, tourism cruises, and sports nautical.

Are there Beaches Near the Port in Arrecife?

Once the cruise tourist has arrived at the Port of Arrecife, he has enough time to know the different attractions of this small island. 

A very famous beach is Playa el Reducto in Arrecife, it is considered the best beach on the island. It is one of the most attractive sites in Lanzarote. 

Its white sand and crystal clear waters make going to it enjoy the natural beauty. It is quite crowded, both by locals and tourists, so if you want to enjoy the tranquility, it is better not to go in high season. 

This Arrecife beach in Lanzarote is protected by natural reefs, which surround it and form a seafront in the city. In it, you can practice activities such as diving.

What Else is There to Do in Arrecife?

Also, there is a wide range of accommodation and other services, such as nightclubs and bars to ensure nightlife. It also favors gastronomic tourism with bars and restaurants of different themes.

What Attractions and Sights Are Worth Visiting?

Other places of interest to visit in Arrecife are: the San Gabriel Castle, which dates back to 1572 use was mainly to protect the locals from attacks by pirate ships. Its proximity to the promenade of the city makes it one of the places with the best view of the sunset in Arrecife. Inside, it houses the Arrecife History Museum. There you will be able to know part of the changes that the city has undergone over time.

The Castle of San José, which served as a shelter for the city of Arrecife, was built in the 18th century. It is near Puerto Naos and Charco de San Ginés. It is currently housed in the International Museum of Contemporary Art, or not the most important in the world. It also has a restaurant.

Are Yhere Any Other Beaches Worth Visiting?

References have be made to Playa Blanca, an area in which the highest temperatures of the whole island are recorded. This favors the influx of tourists seeking heat during the summer. And when winter comes, these higher temperatures are an added value. 

For some decades, its importance as a tourist center has been increasing. The offer of entertainment for tourists has been adapted both to the presence of direct visitors to Playa Blanca and those who come to spend the day after visiting the busy beaches of Flamingo, Dorada, and Papagayo

This has fueled the creation of new leisure and sports spaces.

What Tours Can I Go on From the Port?

As a tourist attraction, Timanfaya National Park, the only national park in the Spanish National Park Network that is eminently geological and represents a sample of recent and historic volcanism in the Macaronesian Region.

There, you can visit the Fire Mountains, which can be accessed by car or with organized groups. An excursion on board a comfortable coach allows you to travel the Volcanoes Route. A sign indicates the entry of this route.

In the El Diablo restaurant, you can taste the most typical and traditional dishes of the area, cooked with the heat from the bowels of the Earth. Geothermal phenomena such as geysers, highlight the activity of volcanoes.

When water is poured into the cavities, it rapidly transforms into steam and when it approaches the cracks, they begin to burn quickly. Temperatures can reach 600 ° C at a depth of 13m and 120 ° C at the surface.

Camel rides can be made in the park. The walk is quite short and consists of climbing a hill on the back of this exotic ruminant. Along the north coast of Arrecife are the volcanic caves of the Jameos del Agua, which formed with the lava that was poured into the Atlantic Ocean.