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Best Hair Transplant in Hungary: Top Clinics and Doctors

When choosing FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery in Europe, you’ll find pricing to be quite cheap at a Hungarian hair clinic in Budapest. When comparing the hair transplant cost in Hungary to other European countries like France, Germany, and the UK, you’ll find the potential savings to be quite impressive.

Why Hungary

First of all, Hungarian surgeons are at a world-class level with many of them training at some of the most prestigious medical universities in the world. The direct hair implantation equipment used in Hungary is also state-of-the-art, while their all-inclusive packages offer affordable prices to help limit permanent hair loss.

Specialists in the hair transplant medical field usually agree that Hungary makes it to the top five in the ranking of best clinics for hair surgeries in the world. International patients can benefit from the quality of the medical services offered by specialists for a hair transplant in Hungary, as they must also follow the Europe Union’s strict health and safety guidelines.

Top Hair Clinics

Below you’ll find the best hair clinics in Hungary that offer modern techniques to add thick hair to previous bald areas. Whether you choose to use the FUE method or follicular unit transplantation for your hair grafts is up to you.

  1. Hair Palace
  2. Sikos Clinic
  3. Prohair Clinic
  4. Hair Hungary
  5. Pataki Plastic Surgery

Hair Palace

Hair Palace
Hair Palace

In 2001, the Hair Palace hair transplant clinic commenced activity at a very high level. It was, at that time, the first clinic in Hungary that provided FUE SafeSystem procedures (follicular unit extraction method), and it immediately became an international hit. After all these years, Hair Palace is still at the top of hair restoration surgery in Hungary and the world.

They use the newest American performance equipment for all of their FUE hair transplants. You can be sure that coming here you will be in the hands of only ultra-specialized professionals, every doctor and surgeon you’ll meet here is an expert with several certifications in specific Hair transplantation procedures and surgery.

The FUE hair procedures have the advantage when compared to the traditional FUT hair transplant procedure, of being pain-free with no visible scars on the scalp. The clinic’s facilities ensure the utmost comfort for patients and relaxing spaces where they can even listen to music, watch movies, or stay connected on the internet.


Sikos Clinic
Sikos Clinic

This clinic is a part of several important medical organizations both from Hungary and internationally and has been in business for the last 25 years. Sikos is one of the most sought-after clinics for hair transplants in Hungary, due to its reliable and safe procedures. They have impeccable hygiene protocols for all surgeries and treatments. That is why their first attribute is that of perfect safety for patients, for both types of procedures, FUT and FUE that take place here.

The clinic’s name comes from the surgeon Dr. Sikos, who is the founder and the main surgeon. There are also other professionals at the clinic that develop and work under Dr. Sikos’ direct guidance and supervision. He is renowned for his warm approach to each patient coming to a consultation at the clinic.


Prohair Clinic
Prohair Clinic

This clinic is managed by Dr. Mantse, the founder and lead surgeon, who has been managing Prohair Clinic since the beginning. He has over 26 years of experience in hair transplant treatments and is specialized in FUE transplant surgery. He is famous and acknowledged all over the world as the creator of a new transplant technique known as NLHT (No Look Hair Transplant). The amazing data about this hair restoration procedure is 100% positive results.

Prohair Clinic offers provides their patients a rare advantage, the shorter post-surgery time in hospital, due to Dr. Mantse’s special procedure. Thus, you might even go home on the same day, perfectly fit to restart your usual daily activities.

Doctor Mantse is accompanied by a team of skilled practitioners and nurses, equally involved in their patient’s hair restoration and recovery. Their medical equipment is modern and delivers the best hair results.

Hair Hungary

Hair Hungary
Hair Hungary

This clinic has helped clients with hair loss issues for over ten years over and they have performed over 5,000 hair transplant procedures. Their main focus is on helping patients fill the gap between their hair conditions and the best-personalized conditions.

They have successfully implemented the new hair restoration technic called traveling hair transplant. This is an FUE-type transplant procedure that uses the latest technology in cropping, isolating, and preserving the transplanted hair follicles. Their procedures are widely diversified and include among others, also lipogem stem cell therapy, I-PRF therapy, and others.

Their medical team is made of nine prestigious and internationally trained hair transplant surgeons, like Dr. Zakarias David, Dr. Sas Gyorgy, and Dr. Kich Bernadet. Hair Hungary offers so many options that you will surely identify the most suitable technique to get you the best hair recovery results.


Pataki Plastic Surgery
Pataki Plastic Surgery

It is one of the biggest hair transplant clinics in Hungary, with over 10 treatment rooms. Pataki Plastic Surgery is also very conveniently positioned, right near the country’s main airport, the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, at only 15 km.

It is specialized in various aesthetic procedures, besides hair implants, like breast augmentation and lifts, liposuction, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, and brachioplasty.

What is more, if you come to the clinic from all over the world they arrange for you free transportation from the airport, and they can also assist with booking the most affordable flight, hotel reservation, and car rental. They also ensure translation services from English, German, Dutch, and Portuguese to and into Hungarian.

Pataki Plastic Surgery is a member of the German Society for Surgery (IPRAS). It was established and has been led ever since by the reputable hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Greg Pataki, with over 22 years of experience. He is a member of 10 of the world’s most famous and prestigious medical societies in plastic surgery. Among them are The Hungarian Society for Hand Surgery, the Hungarian Burn Association, the German Societies for Plastic – Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the German Society for Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery, and the International Society of Plastic – Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.