Backpacker Europe: Cheapest Cities & How to Save Money

Learn about the cheapest European countries and affordable cities that offer great tourist attractions and completely free walking tours. Beyond the natural beauty, historical places, and delicious food, there are many UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Europe too.

Cheap Places

Unfortunately, the cheapest places are not to be found in Western Europe, but many can be found in Eastern Europe, including some with a UNESCO world heritage site or two.

Out of the cheapest European cities, Tiblisi, the capital city of Georgia has to rank up there, as the hostel and food prices are low, and the drinks are quite inexpensive. Georgia in general is the cheapest country for almost everything imaginable an


As a touristic destination Georgia, a former Soviet Republic, has some unexpected yet attractive advantages. The prices are incredibly low and the natural beauties are all over. Georgia is a safe place for travelers of all ages and is probably one of the cheapest countries to visit on this list.

Its natural beauty is free for all visitors during all seasons of the year, and especially for those that love being active. Caucasus mountains offer amazing and wild natural scenery for everybody to enjoy hiking, the Svaneti region being one of the most appreciated. You can enjoy biking along the popular trails around Javakheti lakes. There are also popular sky resorts to go to during winter and practice your favorite winter sports.

Transportation prices are tempting. You’ll find marshrutka bus tickets varying between 0,50

cents and 5 Euros per travel, depending on the distance and destination. Renting a car is also incredibly affordable if you go with local providers. For accommodation also you could find good deals if you opt for private guesthouses run by family businesses. You can rent private large and enjoyable rooms with a home-cooked breakfast included around 20 Euros per night.

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe, and a frequent touristic destination that is equally affordable. You can eat at a good restaurant for only 15 Euros per two persons, whereas a glass of local wine will cost only a couple of Euros.


The small and attractive island of Malta offers conditions for all types of travelers, from those who search for luxury to those on a budget. It is a great location for those that love testing local cuisine, Malta offers a great experience with fresh food and unique dishes for mid-range prices, but of course, there are offers also for the high-end request. You will also find good prices for drinks of all types, which you will find in numerous bars and restaurants that have daily happy hour specials.

If you want to keep your budget to a minimum, you should avoid staying in the old town of Valletta, which has the biggest prices for tourists. Also on the coastline of Malta’s main island, you will find prices higher than the average. A much better option will be going to the small Gozo Island which has friendlier offers.

You can do well with just 65 – 70 Euros per person for one day.


Bulgaria is one of the cheapest destinations that borders both Turkey and Greece. It has many types of attractions and affordable prices even luxurious hotels. You could find quality accommodation for 45 pounds per night, and also a tasty meal for two at around 25 – 30 pounds.

Add to this the fact that many of the great attractions to visit in Bulgaria are for free. This applies no natural parks and beauties, to some4 museums, monuments, festivals, etc.

The most attractive touristic attractions in Bulgaria are considered in the Rhodopes region and the Northen area, as well as on the Bulgarian coastline. Many travelers are amazed by the affordable and beautiful sea resorts, like Sunny Beach, or the Golden Sands. However more recommendable are the impressive coast cities Balchik in the North and Sinemorets in the South.

Bulgaria has several great resorts for skiing and winter sports. Bansko is considered one of the top ski resorts in Europe, and you will be impressed to know that the ski pas costs only 32pounds per day.


Portugal is a world-renowned travel destination. This is due to its natural beauty, and exquisite architecture. However, few know that there is much more than the most famous Algarve golden beaches. These are also the most crowded destination in Portugal. So we strongly advise you to go deeper into your exploration of this attractive country, at the same time saving some good money and escaping the heat.

Portugal has great diversity, lagoons, and beaches in Ria Formosa Nature, dunes in Southwest Alentejo or Vicentine Coast Natural Park, green lands in the Azores, and breathtaking trails in Peneda-Geres National Park.

You can try staying in the small villages, as well as trying the cosmopolitan life and cultural attractions in the biggest cities Porto, or Funchal. Even the capital Lisbon awaits tourists with affordable meals and accommodation.


A superb country with affordable travel costs, this is what you could expect from visiting Croatia. You can arrive here from many of the neighboring European capitals, for less than 100 Euros.

 The cheapest months to visit Croatia are from October till March, then the next best thing is May and September. It gets crowded yet the prices are still lower than during the full season.

 Accommodation in private rooms can be around 20 – 30 Euros, and transportation is cheap by bus or ferry, or even by renting a car at affordable prices. The average expenses for one day per person are somewhere between 45 – 50 Euros, accommodation included. You can choose to cook which will lower your budget. Yet restaurants also have good prices.


Slovenia is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe, the prices being lower than its neighboring countries. The capital Ljubljana is beautiful and full of history, yet not that famous, thus the low prices. Restaurants are cheap all over the country. Moreover, the street food here is the cheapest in entire Europe.

All seasons are good for visiting Slovenia. Even during winter is a great destination as it has some of the best ski resorts in Europe, especially for families and couples. Resorts like Kranjska Gora are as beautiful as any resort in France or Austria, yet the prices are way lower.


Lithuania is among the cheapest counties to visit in Europe. Small yet full of architectural beauties, street art, and great food, all as cheap as it can be, especially in the capital, Vilnius. There are some interesting pay-what-you-wish tours on foot, where you can visit the historical – medieval part of the city as well as the old Communist area. You can go up to the Three Crosses for free by walking. Their best gourmet restaurant, Amandus, serves exquisite meals for only a third of the price you would let in another European capital.

 Equally attractive and affordable is Kaunsa, the second large city in Lithuania. It has a fascinating Old City dating from medieval times, modern street art vibrant atmosphere, and the famous Liberty Boulevard. All these can be visited for free. Since you can visit the country’s attractions for free, you really can pull it out by traveling on a budget.