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Garrafon Reef Park

So much more than just your typical adventure park, Garrafon does have something for everyone. Whether its to escape the mundane routines of daily life or if its simply to take family or friends (or both!) on a great adventure vacation, then Garrafon park may be exactly what you are looking for.

What To Do

If there’s a specific aspect at Garrafon that people really like to do, it’s the activities, of which there are many. Whether it is biking around the island, taking a zip line tour, snorkeling in the reefs, kayaking or swimming with dolphins, these are the primary reasons people normally visit.

Park Experience

There truly is a lot of variety in the park. Whether it’s the snorkeling, kayaking, Zip-lining or getting a bike tour, there are so many things you can do, and these don’t even include activities you can do just on Isle Mujeres.

This variety also holds true for those people who just want to relax as well. Whether it’s taking the steam bath, lounging around by the pool, taking a walk around the reefs, or seeing the beautiful sculpture gardens, basically if you’re there, you have options!


Ziplining and Snorkelling are the two most preferred activities in the park.


Taking the zip line and swinging across the crystal blue water has long been one of the most exciting things to do for many visitors. Starting at the top of the 42 feet tower, participants should be prepared to get their heart racing, as many people find this to be incredibly exhilarating.


As for the snorkeling, it’s to immerse yourself in the mystical ecosystems that lie below the surface. Snorkelers can make their way around the reef and see all the multi-colored sea life.

It should be noted that although this is great for recreational snorkeling, for professional scuba divers they may find it a bit limiting, and restrictive, as the area is quite small compared to some much larger aquatic habitats.

But for those who haven’t done it before it’s a must.

Food and Drink

Garrafon seems to continuously hit the spot when it comes to getting great feedback on their dishes. With great variety, the restaurants are likely to have at least one dish that will whet your appetite.

If you get the right package deal you can also get unlimited free drinks! Always a win-win scenario.

Know Before You Go

There can be few hiccups which will affect both the allotted time spent at the park along with the overall experience, but as long as you know them beforehand you can better prepare yourself to make the most your day.

Isle Mujeres Tax

For anyone who decides to come to visit Garrafon, it is worth noting the ferry docking costs an extra $10, which is exclusive of tour prices.

Dolphin Discovery Stop

The ferry usually stops at Dolphin Discovery on the way to Garrafon, and for anyone who is not participating in the dolphin tour, there is an available bar on deck, where they can buy drinks and snacks.

Ground Transport

Unless you are arriving by ferry, island ground transportation to Garaffon park costs an extra $16. If traveling with a family or within a small group, it’s more economical to rent a car and drive yourself.

Ferry Delays

Sometimes traveling to Garrafon can be a nuisance especially when the crowds are big. Delays do happen and ferries have been known to leave late, which means customers can lose time at the park.

Long Queues

When it gets crowded, all the VIP deals in the world won’t save you as there’s no way of beating the large hordes of crowds. This can disrupt activities throughout the day and you may inevitably spend a long time waiting.

Bad Weather

Garrafon is an outdoor adventure park, and at times there can be severely high winds or even storms that inevitably cause the park to shut down many of their main attractions. This can also affect travel times as well and cause delay to ferries.

Package Deals

Garrafon offers a variety of package deals, which include most of the activities when you arrive, from the snorkeling, kayaking, ziplines as well as the walking and biking tours.

These packages tend to make everything easy and there are two main meals to choose from which are the Royal Garrafon and Royal Garrafon VIP deals.

The biggest difference between the two is that with the VIP option you get personalized service and exclusive access to areas such as the view.’

Bottom line is if you can afford to be treated like a king or queen then its worth doing, but even without the VIP service the Royal Garrafon package still gives you free access to most of the activities, such as Kayaking and Snorkeling.

Tourist Info

Isle Mujeres is surrounded by the pristine reefs and waters of the Caribbean Sea, and also contains Mayan architectural gems, beautiful landscapes, and a stunning diversity of marine life.

The places to explore on the island are many, with options of hiking the Cliffside trail, visiting the turtle farm, or seeing the traditional village houses.

Visitors can also learn about the diverse history of the island, from its early discovery by the Mayans as well as later invasions by pirates.

For those who would rather kick back and relax and not bother with all the exploring, there are tropical bars, beach hammocks to laze in, and even a Mayan sauna temazcal.


Garrafon park sits on Isle Mujeres and is only a 30-minute ferry ride from the nearby tourism mecca of Cancun.