DK Tulum Condos: Why Rent or Buy Units in This Jungle Oasis

Amidst tranquility and nature in the magical town of Tulum, Mexico is a secure, eco-friendly development with a cenote-style swimming pool. This family-friendly development is quite popular with foreigners, digital nomads, and remote workers due to its quiet surroundings and convenient access to both town and beach.


Launched by the esteemed Menottodev Developments in 2020, DK Tulum Condos represent an epitome of luxurious peace and eco-conscious living. The design philosophy is an ode to the beauty of nature, harmoniously intertwined with modern aesthetics. Local materials like wood and chukum are intricately woven into their fabric, with abundant vegetation accentuating its organic architecture.

The four-level building with 52 apartments stands as an embodiment of architectural finesse. The apartments, diverse in size, boast bespoke interior designs, reflecting the ethos of space, privacy, and a deep connection with the natural surroundings.


Strategically positioned halfway between the bustling downtown center and white sandy beaches, the DK development is situated in La Veleta, Tulum, Quintana Roo. Its proximity to Avenida Kukulkan offers easy access by car, ATV, or bicycle to the renowned beach clubs, gourmet restaurants, and shops that dot the hotel zone’s vibrant social scene.

La Veleta

Further enhanced by its verdant jungle surroundings, the area’s unpaved roads, though evocative of a rustic charm, deepen the sense of communion with nature and untouched beauty. It’s an environment that particularly resonates a perfect place for those looking to escape the cacophony of urban sprawls and humdrum of corporate routines.

The La Veleta neighborhood in Tulum South is also quickly becoming a magnet for investors, due to its penchant for modernity. Many developments here offer the latest design trends, giving the area a distinct character. As these condos vie for supremacy, the competition translates into a plethora of unique services and complimentary amenities. Developer Benchmarks set here is somewhat unparalleled here compared to more established quarters of Tulum town other parts of Mexico.

Gated Community

The fortified stronghold is accented by a large front gate with a keypad entry system, while an electric fence envelops the property, offering an enhanced layer of resident safety and security. Only residents and verified guests who passed through security have access to the common areas. More than ten cameras are strategically positioned to monitor the façade and parking areas are under vigilant surveillance round the clock.

The front gate personnel not only oversee security but also facilitate various services for residents. They are equipped to receive and store packages, including those from popular delivery services like Amazon, ensuring they’re safely held until collection. They’re also the point of contact for guest verification during check-ins. Furthermore, for amenities such as the gym and laundry rooms, the guards control key access. Owners can also liaise with them to collect utility receipts.


Swimming Pool

The vibrant, magic epicenter of social interactions, and a masterpiece of design and functionality. The DK Tulum pool has expansive dimensions and organic, fluid contours that mirror the celestial hues of the sky and evoke the mystique of a cenote. The surrounding lush vegetation not only offers sporadic shade but also creates distinct lounging zones for guests. An aesthetically pleasing wooden bridge that traverses the pool, adding a quaint charm to its design.

The shallow regions of the pool offer an idyllic setting for sunbathing and unwinding, while the deeper side caters to those wanting a quick swim. The sun generously bathes the pool throughout the day, and as dusk sets in, a special lighting system accentuates its curvaceous form. This illumination, combined with the pool’s Chukum finish, casts a mesmerizing turquoise blue reflection that mirrors the sky, further intensifying its lagoon-like allure.


While not a hot tub per se, as the water is not heated, the whirlpool jets are quite strong and can be used to massage your back, legs, and feet. The nearby quiet garden and lounge area are also an ideal place to get away from the crowds when the cenote pool is busy. An outdoor shower can be found by the Tezmascal.

Mini Market

The in-house general store is conveniently open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and their competitive prices often rival those of nearby larger stores. They stock essentials and daily necessities ranging from toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioners, to soft drinks, juices, water, ice, and milk. Additionally, it offers eggs, a select range of vegetables, soups, canned foods, cereals, cookies, and popular snacks like potato chips and chocolate bars.


A small fitness room is located on the 2nd floor, right beside the elevator. Inside is a treadmill, a rowing machine, a stationary bike, and a mirrored area dedicated to weight training with an adjustable bench and a rack of free weights. Key access can be obtained from gate security with a small deposit.

Parking Lot

Adjacent to the DK Tulum building on the right side you’ll find car parking for up to 10 vehicles. The area is well lit, and monitored by CCTV. This is a selling point as many nearby developments in La Veleta only offer street parking.

Laundry Room

Found on the second floor past the stairs, and around the corner are four single-load, stacked washers and dryers. The room is open 24/7 and machine use is free for all owners, renters, and guests. The room key can obtained from gate security, while laundry supplies can be at the front gate shop. Given the morning rush with maids, it’s advisable to use the room after 3 p.m. Misplaced clothing items typically can be found on the drying rack.


Located beyond the pool bridge, it can accommodate up to four persons and features clear labels for each floor. The ground floor is marked PB, which stands for planta baja, whereas the subsequent floors are labeled 1, 2, and 3. For those wanting to access the gym and laundry on the 2nd floor, remember to first collect the requisite key from gate security.

Massage Tables

For moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, massage tables are set up towards the rear end of the building close to the Temazcal. Residents and guests can also book private masseurs for a therapeutic session amidst the serene backdrop at the front desk.


Deeply rooted in Mesoamerican traditions, the Temazcal is a low-heat sweat lodge, echoing the practices of pre-Hispanic Indigenous communities. This unique amenity can be found at the distant corner of the property, past the elevator and massage tables.

Access to this sacred space is controlled by security, ensuring residents’ safety and adherence to guidelines. Additionally, once a month, residents have the opportunity to partake in a ceremonial gathering led by a local shaman. Participants can book this 4-5 hour ceremony through DK staff.

Unit Types

Each apartment in Dk Tulum features unique interior aesthetics and features to provide optimum comfort. Amenities such as king-sized beds, flat-screen TVs, air conditioning units, high-speed Wi-Fi, dedicated dining spaces, and expansive balconies overlooking the pool are standard offerings.

1 Bedroom

Located exclusively on the ground level of DK Tulum are twelve one-bedroom units with back patios that contain an intimate plunge pool. The front terrace offers calming garden views and connects residents to the lagoon-style pool. Here, one can relish moments of tranquility, be it with a morning brew or an evening reflection.

A centerpiece in each of these units is the luxurious king-sized bed, designed to cradle you into a deep, restful sleep. Relax on the cozy sofa bed in the living area positioned perfectly for an evening of entertainment on a broad 50-inch flat-screen TV. Many owners provide online streaming services like TotalPlay, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime through WiFi connectivity.

The culinary experience in the 1-bedroom units is elevated by a kitchen design that harmoniously integrates sleek Corian countertops with ambient LED illumination and an array of modern appliances. The adjoining open area dining space provides comfortable seating for four. The contemporary bathroom features innovative fixtures such as a generously sized rain shower head.


An open layout with distinctive decorations radiates a blend of style and comfortable living. The sleeping area features a plush king-sized bed and wardrobe armories on both sides. This is complemented by a cozy sofa bed that is perfect for lounging and watching your favorite shows on the large 50-inch smart TV.

A large kitchenette with an array of appliances including a large stainless-steel fridge accompanies a dedicated dining space. The pièce de résistance, however, are panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and large balconies that have lovely views of the tropical gardens and the alluring lagoon-styled pool.


Nestled in a secluded sanctuary in the heart of the stunning Riviera Maya, DK Tulum condos embodies a sense of wellness and serenity. Wander along the pathways surrounded by verdant gardens, and you’ll discover a community that values tranquility over revelry.

What truly sets DK Tulum apart is its community and staff. Ever since its inception, the residence has retained a familial group of dedicated professionals. Their core ethos? To go above and beyond in ensuring every guest feels at home. With the majority of the community comprising young professionals working remotely, the atmosphere is harmonious, respectful, and neighborly. Many of these residents often bond, sharing leisurely afternoons by the pool and engaging in warm conversations.


Many options are available for renting a condo at DK Tulum from vacation rental booking platforms and online travel agents such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway. Payment through these OTAs is usually online via credit card with the full balance of your stay paid in advance.

For travel dates between December through April, we recommend you book at least two months in advance. Be sure view to the different properties and ask if the photos are up-to-date.

Do note there is an active construction site near this location. We highly recommend talking with Unique Rentals, as this very helpful host has 9 different DK units for rent. Besides offering direct booking they will provide you with an honest assessment of what units would be most affected by the noise.

House Rules

While individual unit owners might have a number of options with specific stipulations, general guidelines dictate a seamless self-check-in process facilitated through key-code lockboxes. Check-in usually starts at 3:00 p.m., and check-out at 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

While studios comfortably accommodate up to two guests, the more spacious one-bedroom units cater to a maximum of four adults or children. Emotional support animals are welcome, as long they remain supervised and clean during their stay.

Parties or events are not allowed and can result in a reservation cancellation without reimbursement. To maintain a peaceful environment for all, quiet hours must be observed from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Pet Policy

DK Tulum welcomes furry, four-legged guests—both feline and canine alike. To ensure the safety and comfort of all, dogs must stay clear of the pool and be leashed at all times. Pet owners are responsible for any gifts left behind and are encouraged to keep the premises pristine.

Please note, security personnel will be alerted, if any pets allowed in units are found to be causing noise disturbance. Most owners will charge also additional pet cleaning fees on top of standard rates.

Cancellation Policy

Details will vary based on the length of stay, but typically full refunds will be offered if reservations are cancelled 30 days prior to arrival. Rental vacation company with a heavy calendar can also ensure


For those looking to make DK Tulum a more permanent residence or a strategic investment, various studio and one-bedroom units are currently on the market. The latest pricing positions one-bedroom units between $135,000 to $150,000, while studio units range from $115,000 to $125,000 (USD).


While you would think a real estate agent would be our first choice, 90% in Mexico are not licensed, and they are just glorified salespeople. If you’re looking for an accurate return on investment, we suggest seeking advice from a highly reputable vacation rental management company with a long track record of client satisfaction. With 6-month rental management agreements being the norm in Quintana Roo, it can be quite easy to see whose rental inventory is constantly fluctuating. A steady client is usually indicative of a manager who knows which properties are most profitable and how to maximize their rental revenues.

One hidden gem we often highly recommend is Unique Rentals. Their client turnover is incredibly low, and their rental income transparency is well above local standards. All owners are given ownership access to their Airbnb listings, while they are simply co-hosts. They encourage smart lock usage, so owners can easily track when their home is occupied. They won’t sugar coat anything, because their goal is not to sell you any real estate, just to earn your confidence that are making the right decision and they are capable of producing the ROI from rental income that you desire.

HOA Fees

Owners contribute to the maintenance and well-being of our community. For one-bedroom units featuring a private terrace, the fee is 4,500 MXN for a generous 65 sq m2. Studio units, boasting a private balcony, have a fee of 3,200 MXN for 54 sq m2.

Property Taxes

One-bedroom unit owners can anticipate property taxes of approximately 3,000 MXN, while owners of studios can expect an annual commitment of around 2,000 MXN.