Best Rental Car Companies in Costa Rica: Price/Satisfaction

Big rental company names like Avis, Alamo, and Enterprise Rent a Car, can be found in Costa Rica, along with Adobe, Sixt, and EasyCar too.


Local companies include MrMagnum, Machache, Vamos, and Service Car Rental. If you really like their brand, Renting from Toyota also has offices throughout the country, where they only rent Toyota manufactured vehicles.


Being in the vehicle rental business for more than 20 years Adobe Rent a Car has been providing services in a unique, top-level class since the beginning in Costa Rica. The reviews from their customers are usually amazing with many mentioning an outstanding level of satisfaction. The competition is nowhere near their approach to the market.

All aspects of the business are irreproachable. They rent quality vehicles. They are two years old at most, and at a minimum mileage. The customer service personnel is client-oriented, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. They provide fast answers to any issues or unclarities you might have. They make the full rental process an easy one from the start to the final step.

Adobe rental rates are affordable and include from the start every required fee, insurance requirements, mandatory government taxes, etc. Thus you know at once what to expect from them.

Especially for those who don’t know Costa Rica, or are coming here for the first time, we strongly recommend going with Adobe, as they will supervise and guide you through any confusion. Furthermore, they have branches all over Costa Rica, in the major cities, tourist resorts, and airports.


Another great rental vehicle provider that showcases a high-quality level is Alamo Rent a Car. At any time during the year, Alamo has the appropriate car for you, in great condition. They are known for their car diversity, giving their customers the option to choose between compact class, SUV, minivans, or 4×4 models, at a good mileage. They are present in the main parts of Costa Rica: in the capital San Jose, Puerto Viejo, La Fortuna, in both the southern and northern Guanacaste region.


With a great reputation in Costa Rica, Enterprise Rent a Car provides high-quality cars and customer service. They have excellent fees and are a good choice if you want to rent a car for a longer stay in Costa Rica.


With locations throughout Costa Rica, you can find Sixt Rent a Car offices in San Jose, Liberia, and the rural parts of the country like Guapiles, and Penas Blancas. They are well known for their reliable cars and fast services. The vehicles are well-kept, comfortable and you will pay affordable fees for each model. Furthermore, they have created a good discount and promotion system that anybody can benefit from.


As a worldwide established company, it’s no surprise to find Avis Car Rental offices in Costa Rica too. They are usually among the top renters where they have offices and you get the same great conditions both for long-term and short-term services.


Costa Rica is an abundant market for rent-a-car companies. The smaller, local car rental companies have a good place among the big international providers. One excellent rent-a-car provider is MrMagnum Rent a Car. They are small but very competitive and have overall good reviews from customers.

Besides the good quality cars and reliable customer service department, they are particularly user-friendly. They have created an easy-to-use website, where you can find everything you need, from car models to documents required and price estimates. Here you must pay attention, however. The prices you’ll see on their website, are not the final ones. Keep in mind that the final price you have to pay for a rented car will also include the mandatory governmental fee, thus it will be bigger than what you initially see online.


Part of the Adobe group, EasyCar Car Rentals has similar cars and services as their parent company. They offer rental quotes on their website that include all extra fees up front. They have reliable cars and allow you to rent on a long-term with zero deductibles if you choose it.


Another local Costa Rican rental provider is Mapache Rent a Car. They are eco-friendly and their entire services are built around sustainability. They have great customer reviews and are famous for being honest about the fees included in the final price. They have a strong customer service department and a decent fleet.


Due to the brand’s international overall fame, Renting from Toyota is one of the favorites among tourists coming here.

The only downside is that they rent only Toyota vehicles. If you want something else, you need to go with another provider. The good part is that Toyota has a complete car fleet, with models for all types of needs: sedans, SUVs, trucks, 4×4, etc. Their customer service personnel is highly specialized and will assist you all over Costa Rica.


Vamos Rent-A-Car is a small rental business that is constantly growing. They compensate the size by the high quality of vehicles and affordable prices, with the mandatory fees included. They are one of the most affordable car rental companies for those traveling to Costa Rica on a budget. The initial price they offer includes only the minimum mandatory insurance fee. Yet, upon request, you can go for bigger insurance, thus the price might be slightly higher at the end. Everything takes place transparently, and according to what you decide.


A small Costa Rican business, Service Car Rental offers a more personal approach. Thus they attract customers that tend to return and rent from them each time they come to Costa Rica. Their priority is to give you a comfortable, carefree experience each time you use their vehicles. They have a transparent pricing policy, and you will see the full final price on their website, as soon as you make a specific reservation.