Jet Ski Rentals in Playas del Coco: Why, Where & How Much

While not as prominent a tour as it once was, there are still a couple of travel agencies that rent Jet Skis in the Playas del Coco / Hermosa area.

How it Works

About 15 minutes before departure, you’ll generally get a little run down on how to operate your jet ski and what to do if you run into trouble. If going on your own, there will usually be a spotter who either watches from shore or on a jet ski nearby.

Rental Rates

The price in Coco starts around $110 USD per hour to rent a jet ski, and if touring with multiple people for more than a single hour, you might be able to bargain the price a bit.

Nearby Rentals

If you plan on traveling towards Las Catalinas or Tamarindo, you can do some nice guided jet ski tours out of Brasalito. The trip usually starts with a fast run, playing in the waves through open water to Playa Guacamaya. After that, you’ll make your way down the coast past Playa Grande, Playa Danta, Playa Potrero, and Playa Flamingo.


Below you’ll find our frequently asked questions about jet ski rentals in Playas del Coco including how they cost to rent per hour.

Jet Skis

You can rent a jet ski from a local travel agency in Coco starting from around $110 USD per hour.

A few guided jet ski tours run out of Brasalito near Tamarindo. They generally do a beach triangle run through Playa Flamingo, Portrero, Danta, Grande, and Guacamaya.