Playas del Coco Fitness: Gyms, Wellness, Yoga, Dance Classes

Several gyms, fitness, and wellness centers are here in Coco Beach with workouts, options, cross-training, yoga, aerobics, and dance classes. You can take also hit the local basketball court, skate park, or soccer field for some fun in the sun.

For those staying in Pacifico, you can get access to tennis and pickleball courts, while guests can buy a day pass at The Coco Bay Club to work out at their fitness center. If you’re looking for wellness outside of the gym, there are some dance studios and classes, along with yoga instructors, and some sports areas too.


There are six different gym and fitness centers here in Coco Beach, with The Gym, Ultrafit Longev, and Coco Fitness being the most popular. This is a shocking number of gyms here, but considering it is a beach town, people do like look good when relaxing in the sun.

No matter where you stay in town, there’s always somewhere to work out nearby.

The Gym

Probably the best option in Coco as it has a decent selection of equipment as conveniently located in the downtown core. You’ll The Gym find near Banco Nacional beside Supermercado Grupo Economico, and directly across from Big Fingers Coffee Roaster.

They offer daily memberships for $8, weekly for $25, and monthly for $55 with couples getting a discounted rate of $50 each when signing up together. They do also off yearly membership for $600 which includes classes for seniors and priority service.

Membership includes access to the machine, yoga and cross-training areas, boot camp, and functional training. There are also lockers, showers, and changing rooms.

Website | Facebook | Email | +506 8370 4056

Ultrafit Training Club

If Ultrafit was closer to the beach, this gym would surely rock the competition. It is, however, quite the walk, as it’s located at the very beginning of the boulevard near the anchor where you enter Coco.

If you have a car or don’t mind a pre-workout jog/bike ride, then this gym is definitely worth looking into, as they have great facilities and classes.

Facebook | +506 8304 6497

Coco Gym Fitness

Conveniently located right in the heart of Las Palmas at Pueblocito Sur, Coco Gym Fitness offers a decent selection of workout machines, weights, and personal training programs.

Facebook | +506 8847 4216

Longev Fitness

While not as big as the others, if you’re staying in or near Pacifico, working out at Longev can be very convenient to get in some fitness or wellness. They also have some great dance classes for kids too.

Facebook | +506 8325 3041

Bulldog Fitness

If you’re staying in Ocotal or near the entrance, then you might want to check out Bulldog Fitness as it with save you a trek into town.


Go Fitness Club

Located behind Mega Super at the far end of Coco, they have both indoor and outdoor workout areas.  The outdoor area has a canopy roof along with a punching bag and a small lap pool.

Facebook | +506 8763 6653

Coco Bay Club

While this is an exclusive fitness center, you can even stop in as a guest for a fee of 8,700 ($16). If you’re staying in Coco Bay Estates, there’s no reason to go elsewhere.

This fitness here is one of the nicest gyms in town with professional trainers on staff to help you get the most out of your workout time, plus there are tennis courts and a nice swimming pool nearby too.

Website | Facebook | +506 2670 0048

Dance Classes

There are few notable places to get your dance in Playas del Coco, with a few places that are dedicated to kids including Longev Fitness whose classes are called Little Stars.

Coco Barre

Currently Coco Bare has classes at 8 am ad 10 pm on Monday through Thursday which alternating daily routines. For ₡8000 ($14) any can join is this 50-minute workout that is inspired by ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training.  There’s lots of shaking, and calorie burning as you go through a series of high-repetition, small-range isometric movements.

Website | Facebook | +506 8658 1521

Caracol Brisse

Located on the backroad behind the San Carlos hardware, Caracol Brisse is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Google Reviews | +506 8966 6235


Yoga classes are quite popular here in Coco, and once the high season arrives (December through April) the number of options tends to skyrocket. Until then, it’s best to check with local gyms to see who is offering yoga classes if you want numerous choices.

Coco Yoga & Wellness

Teagen and Kech are local practitioners in the Coco Yoga Community and generally offer in-person teaching. It being low-season right now has limited their schedule, so be sure to check back once things get busy again.

Website | Facebook | Email


Below you’ll find an interactive map of the gyms, fitness centers, yoga and dance studios, sporting areas, skate parks, as well as, all the basketball, picklebal, and tennis courts in Playas del Coco.