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Top Banks & ATM Locations in Playas del Coco with Map

The four main banks in Coco are BAC, BRC, Banco National and Banco Popular with each one located close to either AutoMercado or Mega Super. There are also single ATMs located inside Super Compro and outside of the Mega Super near Automercado.


You’ll find ATM access at all four banks, while Scotiabank has a single ATM in Super Compro, which is on the road to Ocotal, and across the street from Pollolandia.

You’ll generally have a choice of withdrawing money from an ATM in the local Costa Rican currency of Colones or in US Dollars.  We recommend withdrawing mostly Colones as you’ll get a much better exchange than when converting US dollars at shops and restaurants.


The national currency of Costa Rica is called Colones or CRC. The denominations in bills are ₡1000, ₡2000, ₡5000, ₡10000, ₡20000, and ₡50000.  Small bills are preferred as most small shops will not have much change, and you’ll only be able to use ₡50000 bills at major restaurants and grocery stores.

ATMs don’t dispense coins, but you should know that small change in Costa Rica comes in two different colors. Silver coins are similar to pennies (₡5 or ₡10) and are worth very little. Gold or brass-looking coins have higher denominations, but only the ₡500 coin is of real value as it’s slightly less than $1 USD) Whereas the ₡100 coins are worth less than $0.25, and ₡25 coins are worth less than $0.05 cents.

US Dollars

One US dollar is worth roughly 600 Costa Rica Colones (CRC), which means you’ll get roughly 12,000 Colones for every $20 you withdraw from the ATM.  One US dollar is worth roughly 600 Costa Rica Colones (CRC), which means you’ll get roughly 12,000 Colones for every $20 you withdraw from the ATM.  This is easier to calculate when withdrawing amounts in $50 or $100 increments, which are worth roughly ₡30000/₡60000 CRC.

Opening Hours

BAC has the best hours from 9 am to 6 pm and is the most convenient for most and condo rental units in Coco. Generally, banks open at 9 am with the exception being Banco National which opens at 8:30 am. Closing can times vary from 3:30 pm to 5 pm in banks other than BAC.

Two banks are open on Saturdays with Banco Popular staying open till 4 pm, and BAC closing early at 1 pm.

Banks in Coco

In the interactive map below, you can easily view the locations of banks in Costa Rica, along with the Scotiabank ATM found in the Super Compro grocery store.

BAC Credomatic

Probably the most noticeable bank in Playas del Coco, BAC Credomatic is located a few doors down from the main Auto Mercado entrance in Pacifico Mall and right next to the Fishel pharmacy.

Website | +506 2670 2226

BAC Opening Hours


There are two locations for BCR (Banco de Costa Rica) in Playas del Coco with the one by Auto Mercado being slightly hidden on the side of Pacifico Mall. The second BCR location in the mall by Mega Super is much more noticeable and convenient for those who go the extra mile to buy lower-priced groceries.

Website | Phone: +506 2211 1111

BCR Opening Hours

Banco Nacional

A standalone building beside the Monge appliance store, Banco Nacional has plenty of parking spaces and ATM machines by the front door.

Website | Phone: +506 2670 0644

Banco National Opening Hours

Also found near Mega Super in a standalone building, Banco Popular is another option for those staying nearby. They are open till 5 pm, one hour later than the nearby BCR, and also open on Saturdays when BCR is closed.

Website | Phone: +506 2670 0629

Banco Popular Opening Hours