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Oasis Tropical Condos & Villas in Coco: Why Buy or Rent

One of the newest and most modern condo developments in Playas del Coco, Oasis Tropical is very stylish both inside and out. You’ll find the location to be quiet and tranquil, but still within walking to a large grocery store, a few restaurants, and a fitness center.


The design touches like the modern furniture, kitchen backsplash, and the hovering nightstands are just some features that stand out at Oasis Tropical.

The nice couches, double beds, and private bathrooms available for each separate room are also a nice touch and ensure you’ll be comfortable both day and night.


The property amenities found in Oasis Tropical are quite decent when compared to other similarly priced condo developments in Coco.

Swimming Pool

Like most condos in Coco, the curvy swimming pool at Oasis Tropical is located in the center of the property. The main difference between it and the pools found in Las Palmas is the green space around it. There’s a nice amount of distance between the pool and buildings here, where it’s easy to access, but no one can swim past your front door.

Internet and TV

WiFi internet access and Cable TV are firmly wired into all units and freely available in all vacation rentals.

Digital Locks

Outside of Pacifico and other high-end developments in Coco, you won’t see any smart technology, which is what makes living at Oasis Tropical so refreshing. There is no need to worry about losing your key at the beach when you can simply unlock your door with a Smartphone or digital code.

For Sale

Buying an Oasis Tropical condo or villa is not as easy as in other real estate development in Coco Beach. The reason for that is that they are newly built and the owners run them mostly as short-term vacation rentals. However, some do pop up for sale here and there,

Currently, their condo pricing starts around $160,000, but they are only a few for sale and are not directly listed with any real estate company in Coco. Sales are through word of mouth and you have to know the right real estate agent if you want to start negotiating.

Do note their sale pricing is quite fluid and seems to be based on sales of other properties here in Coco. As in, when their prices rise, so do those at Oasis Tropical.

Why Buy

The small touches in their unit design that make it seem more spacious, as well as more modern and stylish make Oasis Tropical stand out from the crowd. Generally, when developers cut corners here in town, you can notice what they are just by opening the front door. At Oasis, the opposite is true entering a unit makes you wonder what other nice touches the rooms ahead.

The living areas here are some of the nicest you’ll find in a reasonably priced condo in Coco. You can tell they hired someone who actually knows what interior design is, as the furniture is not just functional, it’s also comfortable and quite nice to look at.

The flat-screen TVs offer a feeling of home, while those nice shower doors and oversized two-button toilets are also quite a rarity in Coco. The kitchens are quite spacious compared to their Las Palmas counterparts and the sun seems to shine in every window.

While it may seem like a small detail, the digital locks on each unit are a blessing you’d wish other developments would make standard practice.

Aside from the interior, the pools are quite nice and spacious. You’ll also find it to be very quiet and peaceful, so if you’re looking for a combination of tranquility and comfort, this might be what you’re looking for.

Vacation Rentals

Most of the units at Oasis Tropical are available for rent, but they can get a little pricey once the rest of the town fills and options are limited.

Why Rent

Most of the condo rentals in Coco were built around 20 years ago with many not being updated since then. The modern touches found at Oasis Tropical outshine most that are available for rent in the same price range. The door locks here are some of the best in town, and their quiet location makes them even more secure.

Why Not to Rent

While the living spaces are quite comfortable and easy on the eyes, the development itself is quite far from the beach and where all the action is. If you are hiring a car or are renting a golf cart, that’s probably not a big deal, but if wanted easy walking access to everything, this is not the place for you.

Once rental availability in town is low, the pricing at Oasis Tropical can skyrocket and tend to scare off the average vacationer. As a property owner though, this can be ideal for maximizing rental income.

Short Term

For a short stay, you can easily find many Oasis Tropical units available for rent with decent availability even being found in our current high season.

For the best prices, we suggest contacting us directly, as we work with numerous property management companies here in town. By having us quickly consult with each one, we can provide you with the best quote available.

If you want to compare prices, you can try getting a reservation directly from Oasis Tropical on WhatsApp, or view their rental calendars on and

Generally, you’ll find their online pricing to be a minimum of $100+ per night for a condo rental and up to $300-$400 per depending on the date. When prices are at the high-end we would probably suggest you have us look elsewhere for a better deal.

Long Term

To book a long term rental, do note that pricing during high-season is only available for rent by the month and that they do not advertise their prices online. Please contact us to ensure you get the lower price available, as they will vary from unit to unit even when they are exactly the same inside.


The best way to contact Oasis Tropical is via WhatsApp, but you can also use Facebook Messenger or give them a call, or send them an email.

Should you desire to see if we can negotiate a better price for you, or to find out while units are currently for sale, just drop us a line.

Website |  Facebook | WhatsApp | +506 8544 2323 | Email | Contact Form


You’ll find Oasis Tropical very close to The Anchor at the entrance to Playas del Coco and just up the road from the Post Office, and the Flor de Itabo Hotel. 

Mega Super, the cheapest is quite close by, but the beach bars and restaurants are roughly 1.25 mi (2 km) away. This is about as far from the beach as you can get in Coco, but it also means that it’s quiet and nowhere near the hustle and bustle on the main strip.


You can find the road to Oasis Tropical off Avenida Central just past the anchor on your way into Playas del Coco. Should you pass the Post Office (Correos de Costa Rica) or Mega Super, you’ve gone too far.