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Golf Carts Rental in Playas del Coco: Why, Where & How Much

You’ll find 100+ golf carts for rent in Coco Beach that come in all shapes sizes. All the toursits drive them and zip back and forth to town. You never have to drive very far in Coco, which makes riding in a golf cart ideal, and it sure beats walking.


You’ll see a lot of golf carts parked outside bars and restaurants, as well as, grocery stores too. They generally have a lot of space to put your bags, your dogs, or even people you pick up along the way.

Prices start around $30-$40 per day for an electric cart and $40-$50 for a gas one with a little more juice. Discounts can be had when renting weekly or monthly with multiple companies in town to bargain for a deal.

The Cart Guy

You can find The Cart Guy located 80 feet (25 m) west of Super Compro on the road to Ocotal in the same location as Rent a Carrito.

Cart TypeDailyWeeklyMonthly
Golf Cart Rental Prices at The Cart Guy

Website | TripAdvisor  | Email | +506 2670-0051

Island Golf Carts

Located right beside The Palms Hotel, which is close to the beach near the park you’ll find some fancy look models here.

Facebook | +506 6025 8947

Coco Rentals

Another place that is conveniently located on the main strip, next to The Gym and across the street from Soda Los Pelones.

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Golf Cart Rental Prices at Coco Rentals

Website | Facebook | +506 8706 6718


A smaller place that can provide availability when the others have sold out or are priced too high. You’ll find Oro Electric on the way to Auto Mercado, just down the road from Rich Coast Divers.

+506 2670 1533