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Large Chain Grocery Stores in Playas del Coco with Map

There are four big stores to buy groceries in Coco, with Auto Mercado being the most prestigious, and Mega Super the least expensive. Super Compro, however, is probably the most convenient since it’s the closest option to the beach. Lastly, Luperon does have some decent deals and is good for picking up a small selection of items.

Auto Mercado

If you’re looking for a supermarket that will most remind you of home, Auto Mercado is it. No other store in town can come close to its product selection or its cleanliness. The central location in Pacifico Mall also makes it somewhat convenient no matter where staying in town.

You’ll find Auto Mercado to the best freshly baked bread, and their selection of fruits, vegetables, deli meats, and cheeses are unmatched in town. They also stock a lot of specialty items, as well as, a large selection of wines and spirits. 

The caveat is that Auto Mercado is the most expensive store in town, so you’ll generally pay more for normal items than you would elsewhere. Some good comparison stores would be Krogers in the USA and Loblaws/Fortinos in Canada.

Mega Super

If you want a chain supermarket with a large selection and the best prices in town, that would be Mega Super. The location is the farthest from the beach near the Post Office, but their prices make it well worth the extra half-mile drive.

You’ll also find Mega Super to offer a decent selection of bread and deli meats. The overall product selection is quite good, but there’s nothing really fancy or high-end here. Locals tend to shop because it’s cheaper and you find almost everything you need.

If you’re taking a taxi to a grocery store, it will be the same price as going to Auto Mercado, but your grocery bill savings will be very noticeable. Some good comparison stores in Meijer in the USA, or Freshco and No Frills in Canada.

Super Compro

This is definitely the most convenient grocery store in Coco, as Super Compro is the closest one to the beach, as well as, all the bars and restaurants. You’ll find it on the corner of Avenida Central and the Road to Ocotal. If you’re staying in Cocomarindo, it’s just a short walk away.

You’ll find the interior to be of no-frills variety, and the shelf selection to be somewhat comparable to Mega Super. There are however less fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. here, but enough to be convenient.

Prices here can be good for some items, and somewhat average on others. The weekly sale items usually offer a decent discount and make it worth checking if any match items are on your grocery list.

The Scotiabank ATM located inside and to the left of the main doors is the closest bank machine to the beach and is very handy whether you’re shopping for groceries or not.


While located right across the street from Auto Mercado, you won’t find many tourists shopping in Luperon. Their selection is probably the smallest of the grocery chains in Coco, but they do offer good pricing on bulk items, like bags of rice.

They also stock some unique items like Master Selection cheeses which are decently priced at ₡7,000 ($11) for a 2 lb brick, various fruit nectars in large jugs, and some decent non-stick frypans which are hard to find in town.

While Luperon is not recommended to meet your weekly shopping needs, it’s worth a look now and then to see what items you can find cheaper here.


Below you’ll find a map of all the major grocery store chains in Playas del Coco, along with their neighboring pharmacies, mini supermarkets, and electronic stores.