All The Best Restaurants and Fine Dining in Playas del Coco

There are 20+ restaurants in Playas del Coco that offer a fine-dining experience with Greek, seafood, and Italian being the most popular. Santorini has the best Greek cuisine, while La Dolce Vita, Villa Italia, Claudio y Gloria are great spots for Italian food.


Steak lovers tend to mosey on over to Che Sirloin, while seafood lovers fill the tables at Restaurante Mar Azul, The Lobster House, and Papagayo Seafood.

If you’re looking for Asian food, there’s the newly minted Nikkei in the ritzy Pacific neighborhood and the Hot Wok next to the casino. Mexican food can also be found at Restaurant Sabor and El Capricho.


Mar Azul

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One of the best seafood restaurants in Guanacaste, let alone in Playas del Coco, their menu is scrumptious. You can either sit inside or outside, as there is air-conditioning indoors and a pool outside where you can sit by, or enjoy before you eat.

The MarAzul fishmarket options consist of locally caught seafood with your choice of cooking styles, sauces, and two sides. Along with their seafood platters, the most recommended dishes are the octopus, sashimi, red snapper, coconut shrimp, ceviche, grilled and fried rock snapper, and salted amber.

Most appetizers are priced at ₡8000 ($13) and you can salads or the catch-of-the-day meal for a similar price. Whole fish and octopus will cost a few dollars more, shrimp and lobster at the high end of the menu at ₡13000-₡15500 ($21-25). Steaks are also very well priced at ₡12000 ($19) while kids menu options are quite cheap at ₡3000-₡3500 ($5-6).

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Lobster House

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Papagayo Seafood

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Che Sirloin

If your mouth is  watering for a smokey slice of meat, this neat steak house and grill might just be what you’re looking for. Their chef marinates the meats well, resulting in great flavors that don’t need an accompanying sauce to be appreciated by the tongue. Their homemade cheesecake is also the dish that you should look forward to.

Che’s fine selection of ribeye, sirloin, and skirt steaks are reasonably priced at ₡9500 ($15).  Chicken and barbecue plates are also available for ₡8000 ($13). They also have some smaller meals like tacos, hamburgers, buffalo chicken, sandwiches, and onion rings in the ₡3000-5000  ($5-8) range.

The interior of Che Sirloin is not too fancy as it’s only wooden chairs surrounded by wooden rectangular tables. Their open-air dining courtyard though is a little nicer with similar tables and multi-color LED lights for ambiance. A parasol canopy was also added to keep the sun and rain out.

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Villa Italia

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Il Gusto Della Vita

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La Dolce Vita

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Pistio Gourmet

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Claudio y Gloria

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Ristopizza Napolitano

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Nonna Rina

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Hot Wok

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The Lookout

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Garden Bar

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Johann Bistro

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Sabor A Mexico

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El Capricho

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Below you’ll find a map of all the fine-dining restaurants in Playas del Coco, along with nearby sodas, fast-food restaurants, bar & grills, cafes, bakeries, and ice cream parlors.