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What to Pack for Women


We spent 3 months in Cuba, did a ton of walking and dining out so I know what the best clothes are for each occasion.

Day Wear

Casual Walking Gear for Cuba
Casual walking gear for Cuba: leggings, loose top, flip flops and a small handbag.

When planning what to pack for Cuba, think low-key, casual clothes and shoes during the day.

Capri Pants

My personal favourite (and lived in the whole time) were my lycra knee length carpi pants. They stopped all the sticky sweat, plus because they stretch were very comfortable. Buy black ones and you’ll always look slimmer! Don’t bring anything denim as they don’t stretch.

Loose Pants & Leggings

Pants to Wear For Cuba Weather

As much as I love shorts I found them to sticky to wear while walking around in the heat of Cuba. If you buy a nice loose pair but not too short then they’ll be fine.

The most comfortable pants for walking in the heat are capri spandex or short Lycra leggings. Get the ones designed for the gym they are a bit heavier but look amazing all the time.

Cotton ones tend to stick and sag. Black will go with all your tops.

Sleeveless Tops

Sleeveless Top to Wear For Cuba Weather