Lightning Base Hosting Review

Just by switching to Lightning Base hosting, our website tested 3.0s faster and our WP Admin pages started loading instantly. Their hosting speed, cheap pricing, easy-to-reach support, and reliable uptime has earned Lightning Base our customer loyalty, along with our glowing recommendation.

Why Lightning Base

We don’t just recommend hosting with Lightning Base, we host here ourselves.  Website speed is a major concern for us, as we want all of our visitors to experience fast-loading pages, especially those on mobile devices.

Straight out the box, any website will load faster on Lightning Base when compared to trendy, but slow-loading hosts such as BlueHost, GoDaddy, HostGator, HostMonster, etc.

Even the upgraded accounts at A2 Hosting and SiteGround cannot compare to the speed of Lightning Base’s cheapest hosting account ($100 per year).

Litespeed Cache

We’ve yet to find another host that allows you to utilize the power of LiteSpeed Cache in a basic hosting account.  Companies like BlueHost, SiteGround don’t even offer it in, while others like A2 Hosting require a Turbo account upgrade at $20 per month.

At Lightning Base, every hosting account has access to LiteSpeed technology, including their basic account that only costs $8.66 monthly when paying annually ($100).

WP Speed

If you’ve constantly found yourself frustrated with slow-loading WP Admin pages, you might think this is normal. but it’s NOT.

The reason why other shared hosts have slow-loading admin panels is that they severely limit your CPU resources, which causes numerous delays in WordPress.

At Lightning Base, you’ll find that logging in and editing your posts is quite fast, which makes working on your websites much more enjoyable.

Basic = Premium

The basic hosting package at Lightning Base that is just $10/mo (or $100 per year) is good enough to not require an upgrade for 90% of websites on the internet today.

If you simply activate the browser caching and image compression features of LiteSpeed Cache, you’d need a lot of traffic to max out your Lightning Base bandwidth allowance.

The only reason you’ll need to upgrade for a Basic hosting account is if:

  • Your website is generating thousands of pages view per day
  • You insist on not compressing your images on hundreds of pages

The websites we host at Lightning Base have 500+ visitors per day and are using less than 20% of our monthly bandwidth capacity.

If you’re were hosting elsewhere at say BlueHost, GoDaddy, or even SiteGround, your website speed would most likely grind to halt as your CPU resources get maxed out during traffic spikes.

No Upsells

Why do hosting companies offer ridiculous amounts of money to affiliates who refer their cheap accounts? It’s because they upsell you to death once you’ve signed up.

  • Oh, you need SSL, that an extra $4-10 per month
  • Oh, you need email, that’s $25-50 more per year
  • Oh, you want website backups, sure just backup your brink truck here
  • Oh, WordPress is maxing out your CPU resource, you should upgrade to an account this two or three that of Basic account at Lightning Base.

At Lightning Base, all hosting accounts, including their most basic ($100 per year) comes with

  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Free Auto SSL Certificates
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Free Website Backups
  • More CPU resources allocated than any other shared host we know of

Static Renewal Pricing

Lightning Base does not try to sucker you into moving your website to get the cheap first year, then make you pay double just to stay a loyal customer.

What pay in your first year is what you’ll pay every year after when hosting at Lightning Base.

If you read the fine print at any other cheap hosting company like BlueHost, you’ll find that a $3-5/month hosting account suddenly renews at $10-$15 per month the following year.

When paying annually at LightningBase, the basic hosting account averages out to $8.66 per month, and the renewal price is, you guessed it, $8.66 per month. If you’d rather pay monthly, it’s $10 per month now, and $10 per month next year too.

Powerful CPU Resources

If you’ve ever hosted at GoDaddy, you probably received an email suggesting you upgrade your account due to your running out of resources. If you were at BlueHost, until you logged it cPanel to see 100 CPU usage, you were probably left wondering why your website was taking an extra 3-5 seconds to load.

When hosting at Lightning Base, you won’t have to worry that an automatic upgrade plugin causes a major slowdown on your website.  Even the basic, $100 per year accounts, get near double the CPU resources of what other shared hosting companies offer.

Cheap Upgrades

Those $20 per month accounts at other shared hosts, often can’t even compare in speed to the $10 accounts at Lightning Base. So when it comes time to upgrade, you’ll be happy to know that it will only cost you another $100 per year to get to the next level.

Their Premium package comes in at $20/mo and is discounted to $200 per year when paid annually. For websites with 1000+ visitors per day, this is but a drop in the bucket in their monthly budget for hosting.

The faster those 1000+ visitors see your website pages load, the more money you’ll make from affiliate/AdSense income.

NOT an Affiliate Money Grab

If you’re wondering why every other travel blog recommends BlueHost or SiteGround to you, it’s because they pay their affiliates a lot of money for referrals.

For recommending a $2.95 per month hosting package ($36 per year) at BlueHost, the affiliate who referred you will get $60, almost double of what you are paying.

For recommending a $4.99/mo hosting package ($60 per year) at SiteGround, the affiliate who referred you will receive a minimum of $50 and up to $100+ (11 monthly referrals or more). This is again almost double what you are paying.

At Lightning Base, they only offer affiliates 20% (not a ridiculous 100%+) for referring new clients, which equates to $20 per referral rather $50-60 minimum. They do this because they don’t upsell hosting clients to death, and their prices never change.