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Tenerife Zoos: Animal Parks, Jungle Parks & Monkey Parks

The largest zoo in Tenerife is Loro Parque, followed by Jungle Park that offers a wide range of mammals for viewing. Monkey Parks is also quite special as it not only houses many different species, but also reptiles and birds too.

Loro Parque

Well known for its programs, focusing on conservation, protection, and education, bird lovers will be in absolute heaven here. Loro Parque is home to over 350 types of parrots and has more than 200 penguins at Planet Penguin within the park.

But there is much more than birds, they recently added a lion exhibit and the aquarium are also wonderful attractions at this zoo. Many of the animals in the park are also in shows including dolphins, sea lions and orcas.


Monkey Park

The monkey park is an international breeding center for various types of small primates and provides the opportunity to get up close and personal with these delightful creatures. While outside food is strictly prohibited, food can be purchased within the park to feed to the primates and birds within the park.

Your children will love being able to feed, touch, and walk among the animals. Known as the “biggest little zoo” in the world, you can bet that you will have an enjoyable experience and make some lasting memories here.

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Jungle Park

This zoo will make you feel like a true adventurer. With hanging bridges, waterfalls, tunnels, lagoons, and caves along the path, you will feel like you are truly discovering the wildlife.

Over 300 animals (with more than 100 species represented) live within the zoo, including big cats and penguins! As if getting in touch with your inner Tarzan isn’t enough, this park also boasts an impressive, birds of prey show. This show includes vultures, falcons, and eagles – both in flight and stationary and even interacting with the audience.