Gran Canaria

Tours in Gran Canaria

Whether you want to stay on land or head out on the water, there many different tours to take in Gran Canaria. The famous Timanfaya Pirate Ship is said to rule the sea, but the Atlantis Submarine might poke holes in that theory.

The glass-bottom boat tours simply might just see what’s left over in that battle, while the Mini train on land always runs on time.

Timfanya Pirate Ship

The Timfanya Pirate Ship takes you and the kids on a leisurely cruise along the waters surround Gran Canaria. On this pirate ship is a snack bar, a DJ platform, and a wide platform for doing performances.

Furthermore, there’s are also recreational equipment such as banana boats, jet skis, and parasailing boards.

The Timfanya Pirate Ship Cruise starts at the port of Gran Canaria. After that, it will go around the coast so that you and the kids can see the scenic views on the shores of Gran Canaria.

As the cruise proceeds, numerous activities take place on the ship. The kids can watch pirate show performances with pirate music.

The Pirate Ship comes to a halt so that you and the kids can take a bath. If you’re willing to invest for more, you and the kids can take the banana boat ride or rent one of the jet skis that the pirate ship carries.

By the way, the ticket for the Timfanya pirate ship covers the food and drinks. Last but not least, adults shouldn’t miss the rave party. This might be a bit loud for the kids. But you must experience this one. The raving part consists of the latest party music played under a state of the art sound system of the Timfanya Pirate ship.

Glass Bottom Ferry

Another cruising opportunity in Grand Canaria is the Glass Bottom Ferry. Glass Bottom Ferry is a generic term for a group of boats that have glass panels on their hull. Usually, you’ll see this on the ports near the Gran Canaria center.

Just like the Timfanya Pirate Ship, the Glass Bottom Ferry will take you along the waters of Grand Canaria. Upon reaching a specific distance, the Glass Bottom Ferry stops. Go to the Glass Bottom Ferry’s bottom compartment for viewing the fishes via the glass panels.

If you have fishing poles with you, you and the kids can also opt to do some quick fishing before the Glass Bottom Ferry starts moving again.

Atlantis Submarine

Explore the La Atlandia Submarine Park in the Atlantis Submarine. This underwater cruising experience in the waters of Puerto Morgan can carry up to 20-30 passengers at one time. This submarine runs through electric powered motors and is safe for public use.

The La Altandia Submarine Park is the main course of the Atlantis Submarine cruise. It is an artificial barrier reef. Building started in 2016 and finished in 2017.

La Atlandia features arches, caves, cascades, crevices, and other elements of different depths and heights. Upon its completion, marine wildlife has started to settle at La Atlandia.

You and the kids can see these from the glass panels of the Atlantis Submarine. Be ready to take pictures because visibility is quite good.

Mini Train Playa de Ingles

You and the kids should try riding the mini-train. The mini-train will take you along the sights of Playa de Ingles and Maspalomas.

This train cruises from morning to evening. It runs for 1 hour and allows you and the kids to relax while looking at the wonderful views from the railway. The fare for adults and kids vary. Tickets for adults are a bit expensive but affordable nonetheless.

All in all, the Mini Train Cruise is what you and the kids need to get a bit of air before going to more hectic tourist attractions.