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Theme Parks in Gran Canaria

There are many different types of themes parks in Gran Canaria with amusement parks like Holiday World, and western themes like Sioux City. Even video games get into the mix here at the Angry Birds Activity Park.

Holiday World Masapalomas

Looking for a place where you and the kids can spend a fantastic time in a setting that’s fun for the entire family.

Holiday World is the place to go. From Crcodrilo Park, this place is 22 minutes away. In here, activities await that will allow you to bond with the kids.

Holiday World is an amusement park and a zoo. It has one of the largest collections of alligators in Europe. Nevertheless, it’s not them that makes Holiday World special. It’s the various activities that visitors can do at this place instead.

Take the kids first to the amusement section of Holiday World. The amusement section allows the kids to ride the carousel, Ferris wheel, the aerobat, the bull, and the roller coaster.

If the kids want a better challenge, then you should take them to the Holiday World Escape Room. Holiday World Maspalomas Escape Room consists of mind-boggling puzzles and scary graphics such as clowns etched on the walls. There are no gory elements but the escape room is sure to touch the nerves of the kids.

There’s also the Holiday World Fitness Center. In here, you and the kids can take a rest while chomping down on delicious burgers and chips before trying the main attraction.

The main attraction in Holiday World is Karaoke. Holiday World Karaoke comprises of different colorful rooms embedded with fun contraptions. Each Karaoke machine has 30,000 songs that you and the kids can sing in different languages.

Sioux City Park

Every kid wants to be a cowboy or cowgirl. If you want to get them into that western spirit, just take them to Sioux City Park that is 17 minutes away from Aqualand Maspalomas via taxi.

Sioux City Park is a theme park that has the environment of the 17th century wild west. In its vicinity are several wooden houses, bars or pubs, stores, and cafeterias.

Note that the kids might need to wear rubber boots if you choose to come on a rainy day. For a more realistic feel, Sioux City Park doesn’t have concrete pathways.

Sioux City Park keeps the Western Spirit alive through theatrical shows that feature the lives of cowboys and cowgirls. Performances that the kids may see are Assault on the Bank, Stamped of Horses, and Saloon Show. All theatrical shows are rated G.

If the shows aren’t for the kids’ liking, then they should try riding horses. Sioux City Park allows visitors to rent horses and even provides riding lessons to complete beginners. Riding is permitted within the whole area of Sioux City Park. Another activity that the kids and even you shouldn’t miss is the barbecue buffet. Therefore, going to Sioux City Park is a hack to save money from hotel dinners.

Angry Birds Activity Park

Are the kids tired of looking at animals or shows and want something more interactive? If so, Angry Birds Activity Park is waiting for them.

The 1-hectare area of Angry Birds Activity Park has installments that bear the graphics of the infamous game ” Angry Birds”. Your kids may look around and take pictures of the place. However, time here isn’t for taking pictures. It’s more for experiencing the 20 interactive attractions.

The kids should try the pedal racing circuit. In this attraction, kids will race in a kiddy circuit while riding pedal F1 vehicles. Due to the vehicle size, availability might be restricted to kids ages 8-15.

There’s also the zipline. Here, the kids can opt to ride the zipline with their parents or by themselves. No need to worry because the setting of the zipline is low profile.

Scooter and Parkour Parks are suitable for teens. These consists of numerous platforms that the kids have to traverse. All safety equipment is provided. Furthermore, there’s also some staff who oversees things.

After feeling sweaty at the abovementioned attractions, the kids might want to go to the splash zone. The splash zone is a small area that has numerous sprays. In here, kids can chase each other as water keeps raining down on them. Other attractions that the kids might want to experience are the Space Mine, Super Trampoline, Panna Soccer, Wall Climbing, Interactive Football, and Laser Mission.