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Water Parks in Gran Canaria

Sunny days bring out the best from the water parks of Gran Canaria, like Aqualand. Here you can beat the heat and let the sun bronze your skin you’ll enjoy all adventure that comes with it.

Aqualand Maspalomas

About 15 or 20 minutes away from Palmitos via taxi is a water wonderland that kids shouldn’t miss. In there, the kids can swim under the guise of fancy contraptions that allow for an extraordinary time at the water.

Let the kids bath in the fun of Aqualand, a 13-hectare dedicated waterpark that the Aspro Group owns. Aspro Group is a company that operates as a developer of amusement parks, botanical gardens, and zoos in Europe. At present, it has built more than 5 Aqualands in Spain, France, Netherlands, and other European countries.

For 2020, Aqualand made 8 new kiddie slides. Examples of these are the Multi-Racer, Water Rider, and Crazy Roll. Nevertheless, older kids’ attractions are still existent. The Polynesian is a great spot for kids to enjoy swimming without using slides. There’s also the Children’s Paradise where the kids can use simple slides if they’re not in for the more complex ones.

Aqualand even has spots where you can enjoy swimming with the kids without compromising your own sense of fun. Try the Pirate River. It’s a lengthy man-made river where you and the kids can follow by riding an inflatable boat. There’s also the bubble pool that’s very popular among adults, teens, and children.

Finally, Aqualand has slides for a quick adrenaline rush. Some of the best are the Twin Racer Turbolance and the Kamikaze. The Twin Racer Turbolance is the biggest adult slide in Europe and takes you on numerous high-speed twists and turns. On the other hand, the Kamikaze is a slide that has adequate space for riding a rubber boat, making sliding a bit more exciting.