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Zoos in Gran Canaria

Whatever animal you like to see, the Gran Canaria zoos are likely to have it. The reptiles at Crocodrilo Park compliment the Palmitos Park dolphin, birds of prey, and their lovely animal park.

Palmitos Park

Twenty minutes away from the amazing town of Meloneras is a place where the kids can experience the wonders that the environment of Gran Canaria has for raising wild animals.

Palmitos spans 49 acres. It first opened in 1978 as an establishment for housing dolphins. However, continuous developments encouraged the administrators to raise plants and other animals as well.

At present Palmitos Park serves as a botanical garden, a zoo, and an aviary. It’s layout consists of an amphitheater, cafes, dolphin aquariums, aviaries, and numerous caged lots for raising reptiles and mammals.

More than 100 species of birds rest on Palmitos Aviary. They come from various regions all over the globe. Rare bird species that the kids may look at are the Eclectus Parrot, Cockatoos, Flamingoes, and Ibises.

The kids shouldn’t miss Primate Island. The Primate Island is a designated area within the Palmitos that serves as a natural habitat for the speedy gibbons. If the gibbons don’t impress the kids, the aardvarks, wallabies, and talapoins are waiting.

There’s also the reptile section of the Palmitos. The reptile section houses the first Komodo dragons that are bred in Europe. Apart from them, the kids can also view the Californian Turtles, Caimans, and the Canary Island Giant Lizard.

Crocodrilo Park

After spending time in Sioux City Park, consider heading the next day to Crocodrilo Park. This park is 23 minutes away if you’re staying at hotels or inns that are close to Sioux City Park.

A safe haven for the cold-blooded, Crocodrilo Park isn’t as big or as prestigious as Palmitos Park. However, kids should come and visit because it plays a very important role in protecting exotic animals in Gran Canaria and other areas of Spain.

Gran Canaria serves as a rescue establishment for exotic animals that locals find hard to domesticate as pets or that the authorities found in the wild.

The main attraction in Crocodrilo Park is the intimidating crocs. Nevertheless, there are lizards, pythons, parrots, and meerkats that the kids can see and interact with.

If you come at the right time, you and the kids might chance to get a live viewing of the caretakers feeding the crocs. The kids can also feed other animals during the event if the caretakers allow for it.