Don’t Miss Split in Fall

Sometimes even proposing to visit Split in fall, may seem misleading. People usually perceive the autumn as a period of rain, windy with very few sunny hours.

You can not even imagine how wrong you are, not planning your visit in this period. Speaking from the point of weather conditions, the sea is still warm enough for all seaside activities. Taking in consideration only two months of autumn in Split, September and October, I assure you that both are the best months to be there.

There are many factors that will confirm my theory. It would be enough to start from the weather conditions, even if the other advantages are no less important. But, let’s start with a logical order, considering that your first question will be.


What’s the weather like in Split in fall? Considering that autumn has three months, I’ll take in consideration only September and October as November can be sometimes a real fall month with all the negative features of autumn. I have to remind you that second part of September and October (including also May) are months of so called ‘low season’.


You can’t be wrong if you visit Split in September as the average high temperature in September is 25.1 °C (77.2 °F) with 247 sunshine hours. These dates confirm that September has all necessary conditions for swimming or any kind of sea activities like kayaking, sailing, cruising or even diving.


The weather in October can sometimes be unpredictable but still you can expect pleasant sunny days ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Sometimes it can be cooler but mild enough for all outdoors activities.

According to official weather-forecasts, the average high temperature in October is around 20.0 °C (68 °F) with average nine rainy days. October boasts of 197 sunshine hours but if you plan to visit Hvar Island and Dubrovnik, you can expect even more sunshine hours in this period.

Weather in October sometimes can be influenced by phenomenon, known as Indian summer. Indian summer usually occurs in October (in any part of the month), with temperatures above average for October.

During my 72 years, I remember many examples of Indian summer but to see Bacvice beach swimmers and Picigin players in second part of October 2013, with some days when the temperature reached almost 30 degree C (86 F).

Don't Miss Split in Fall

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Caffee bar Zabac on October

More advantages to be in Split in fall

Discover why September and October in Split turn to be two best months for your holidays when Split becomes completely different city. After the hot and busiest season in July and August, September and October are characterized by decreasing of tourist crowds and significant reduction of accommodation and restaurant prices.


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