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Siam Park Info Guide

Siam Park was voted the #1 Water Park in the World several times on TripAdvisor because it’s Thai-theme grounds are packed with exciting adrenalin rush rides, and family-friendly attractions that are a delight for all ages.

Located in the resort area of Costa Adeje in Tenerife, a visit to Siam Park is one of the top rated things to do in Tenerife, alongside one of Tenerife’s most popular attractions.

What to Do

Popular rides at the Siam Park include the Tower of Power, Palace of Waves, The Singha, Mai Thai River, and the Patong Rapids. For kids in particular, there’s the The Lost City, Jungle Snake, and the Bodhi Trail.

On top of that there’s Thai-theme bar, floating market, bar, and Thai House, along with an amphitheatre, as well as, Siam Beach and Beach Club,/

The beach and the beach club of the park is a great attraction for the families. You can also surf right in the park inside the wave pool, and ride your board on in to the beautiful white sandy beach.

When to Visit

Other than any day it’s warm and sunny, the month of May is one of the best times to visit Siam Park. With daytime highs around 22-24°C (72-75°F) and tourism not yet close to its peak, you can enjoy great weather without the big crowds. For school holidays, around Easter is a good time to visit.

With Tenerife being known for late-sleeping tourists, if you come to the park early in the morning, you can usually avoid long ticket lines and ride queues.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Siam Park is an amazing place for children of all ages, even for teenagers. Many attractions have been specially created with small children in mind.

Palace of Waves

The name describes perfectly what you can expect here. This is the place with the biggest artificially-created waves in the world. They usually keep them around 1-2 meters. However, the waves can go up to 3 meters.

Here you body surf in the wave pool or lay on a big beach with white, fine sand. The place is full of sun loungers, but they do can get a bit crowded at times. You can also take surfing lessons here and try to ride those big waves.

Patong Rapids

This is one of the new-coming attractions. It is dedicated to the entire family and groups of friends. You ride on a tube, together, holding on to each other so you won’t fall. It is extremely fast, however, it doesn’t last too long. For a segment of the ride, you will be in full darkness. Thus, for the first part of the ride, you will be in confusion, and the only thing to do is hold on tight to the person right next to you.

Restrictions:  Minimum of 1.1m (3′ ft 7″) in height

Mai Thai Lazy River

It is one of the most popular attractions in Siam Park. The Lazy river has two riding options. One of them is short and thrilling, as it ends with a tunnel slide that passes through a glass aquarium full of exotic marine life.

The second ride is slower. There is no slide just a beautiful water ride across the entire park, passing exotic plants and splashing waterfalls along the way. You can ride on a rubber ring, either single, double, or triple.

Restrictions: Minimum of 1.1m (3.6ft) in height

Naga Racer

It is a fun activity for race lovers. You can compete with your friends or with total strangers. There is a water curved slide and you ride on mats, head first. You will race against everybody else to finish first, but the ride is quite calm.

Restrictions:  Minimum of 1.1m (3.6ft) in height

Jungle Snake

It is a fun attraction for the entire family, mostly for kids. There are several trails to take, and two rider rings. Some trails are in the open air with a full-view, others are indoors.

Restrictions:  Minimum of 1.1m (3′ ft 7″) in height, and must be accompanied by an adult.

Bodhi Trail

This one is dedicated to children. It is a kids’ play area that consists of taking walks on the elevated lanes, or climbing the nets, and crossing several bridges. Close to these trails you have numerous fountains that splash water all over. The best cooling-off methods for children during heated days.

Restrictions:  Minimum of 1.1m (3′ ft 7″) in height

The Lost City

You won’t find the typical water park in Tenerife stuff around here. It has more of the mesmerizing appearance of a fantasy ride. It is the most popular location if you come with little children. The space is huge and loaded with safe slides, climbing towers, nets, water sprinklers for extra fun, small pools for the little ones. The kids’ favorite is one immense monkey-head bucket that covers everybody, bit by bit in the water.

Coco Beach

This beach is a relaxing very quiet location to just take your time under the sun. You could also swim in a man-made sea, with cozy waves and excellent water temperature. This is a place to take a breath and a break away from the crazy ride attractions. You have a lot of places to eat, either at the restaurant or at the fast-foods, to replenish your powers.

Adrenalin Rides

Tower of Power

This is the ultimate ride for high sensation seekers. You slide along a 28m (92ft) high glass tunnel, at full speed. And this is not all. Your final destination is a tank full of sharks. Well, this is what you see until the last minute, where your direction is swiftly changed towards a lateral tank. This attraction might be just too much for a lot of people. So, until you gather enough courage to try it on, you could simply admire and taste some of the thrills, by just watching the riders screaming like crazy.

Restrictions:  Minimum of 1.42m (4’ft 8″) in height

The Singha

This is an attraction that will delight the adrenaline junkies. It is a roller-coaster-type ride that goes through the water. It consists of an inflatable toboggan whose speed is so high that it can reach 18 meters per second.

Restrictions:  Minimum of 1.25m (4’ft 1″) in height


Siam Park also offers a wide range of catering services that the visitors are able to enjoy a snack or meal in the bars and restaurants. Free sun loungers are scattered throughout park, but you can also rent a cabana if looking for shade. Lockers are available at a cost of 5 € with another 5 € key-deposit on top.


If you want to stay in the park all day, but out of the sun, you can rent a super fancy cabana for you and your family. Access is granted for up to four people and comes with all-inclusive food and drinks. You’ll family will also receive fast-pass access lockers, floats, and all the rides except the Tower of Power.

Sun Loungers

There are many free sun lounger areas, that are intended to recharge your batteries between rides and activities. You’ll find them alongside the lazy river benches, and in several other quiet places in the park.


You have the option to pay for a locker, so you won’t carry all the clothes and luggage around in the park.

Large family lockers cost 5 €, with an extra 5 € deposit that is refunded when returning the key. It is advised to leave valuable goods in your hotel safe, as there is no guarantee for their safety in lockers, and there are always many people coming and going in this area.

Safety Rules

Siam Park pays a lot of attention to safety for its visitors, children, or adults. Besides the numerous safety elements implemented all over the park, the staff is also trained to prioritize the guests’ safety.

There are very strict height restrictions that nobody is allowed to disobey, and kids are prevented from standing on tippy toes during their activities in the park. They will also advise you to keep an eye and a good grip on the energetic children.

The beach areas are packed with lifeguards supervising all children, especially paying attention when the waves are active. Even the Lazy river is well guarded, and the staff will not let you jump away from the ring.

Travel Tips

If you can spare the time, it’s worth coming to Siam Park for the whole day, or most of it. There’s a great number of attractions, leisure activities, and overall fun to keep you busy without it feeling repetitive.

Getting to the park as early as possible will allow you to beat the late morning rush and avoid wasting time gaining entrance, at the lockers, or waiting in queue for the best rides.



Tickets for Siam Park can be purchased online or at the front entrance wtih Adult entrance fees applying to any 11 years of age or older.


If you from the UK, you can get a slightly discounted rate of 24£ that also includes entrance to Loro Parque.


Adult tickets cost 38 € for tourists and apply to anyone over the age of 11. If you’re able to show proof of Canarian residency, you can can get a discounted rate of 19,5 €.


Child tickets cost 26 € for tourists who are children are between the ages for 3 and 10. Canarian residents again get a discounted rate of 13,5 €.

How to Get There

Getting to and from Siam Park in Costa Adeje is quite easy, as there are daily free shuttle busses from Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos.

If driving, you’ll find Siam Park south of Aqualand in Costa Adeje, just off Autopista del Sur.

Contact Info

You can contact Siam Park by Email or phone: (+34 902 060 00), as well as view attractions and park details on their website.

Opening Hours

Siam park is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, except in winter the closing time is 5:00 PM.