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Why a Destination Wedding?

There are many benefits of hosting a destination wedding over a hometown wedding which we have listed below.

In general, they are less expensive and can easily be planned with limited time and budget. The fact that your guests generally pay their own way allows an affordable way to get married while also enjoying vacation time with friends and family.

1. They Can Save You a TON of Money!

The cost of renting a wedding hall alone can be the same as a down payment on a house! When you add in the caterer, the photographer, the cake, etc., the amount of money spent on a hometown wedding can easily run upwards of $50,000-$100,000!

A destination wedding, however, can just cost a few thousand dollars above the cost of going on vacation.

2. They are a Lot Less Stressful

If you book a beach wedding at an all-inclusive resort, most of the work is in choosing your specific destination and resort. Sure, you might have to make some arrangements, and choices about this or that, but the resort’s wedding planner will do the hard work for you.

3. You Can Turn Them into a Honeymoon

If you’re on a budget, you can also make it your honeymoon by extending your stay or choosing another spot nearby.

4. They Are Easily Manageable

At a hometown wedding, you carefully have to think about whom you can afford to invite. When you tell your potential guests about your destination wedding, all guest coming will book themselves.

5. You Get Great Weather Without Paying Extra For It

Most southern destinations have several months where there is not even a cloud in the sky, let alone a chance of rain.

6. They Offer More Quiet Time with Loved Ones

No need to invite the family drunk on vacation or have a million conversations with people whom you wish you weren’t even there. If you want to keep things even quieter, limit your guest list to close friends and family one; or make sure they extend their stay after everyone else is gone.

7. They are Always Unique

A destination wedding is different and unique – and will be a lot more personal than a style that’s directed by your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Once you make a decision on whether or not travel while tying the knot, they only thing left is to find the perfect wedding destination.