Ibiza Escape Rooms

There is one escape room venue in Ibiza called Scapart that is located in Eivissa. They have 3 different games to play: Target Spy, Pirates Secrets, and The Theft of Tanit.

Escape rooms make for a great thing to do on a rainy day in Ibiza as well as, helping dust off the cobwebs after a long night of partying.

Escape Room Scapart

The three games found at Scapart offer up some different scenarios for you to work through.

  • The Theft of Tanit: An archaeologist has disappeared leaving a message with the story of the sculpture of the goddess Tanit with a mobster who wants to seize it.
  • Target Spy: A well-known paparazzi related to international espionage has a hidden negative roll that seriously compromises the security of the island of Ibiza.
  • Pirates Secret: A pirate curse is about to be unleashed on the island and there is very little time left to stop it. Help the Ibiza corsairs in their fight against the Berber pirates.

Each game costs the same amount, but the price-per-person varies depending on how many people play at the same time.

  • Group of 2: 60€ total (30€ each)
  • Group of 3: 75€ total (25€ each)
  • Group of 4: 75€ total (18€ each)
  • Group of 5: 75€ total (15€ each)
  • Extra Players: 15€ each
  • Group of 10 to 12: 150€ total

You can also find some combinations specials on their pricing page.

Tourist Map

You can find Escape Room Scapart along with the top activities and things to do in Ibiza on the map below.


Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions of the different escape room venues in Ibiza.

Ibiza Escape Rooms

The Scapart’s escape-room games consist of The Theft of Tanit (archaeologist message), Target Spy (paparazzi film roll), and Pirates Secret (stop the curse).

There are three escape rooms in total, all found in the same location at Scapart in Evissia.

Currently, there is just one escape room venue (Scapart), which has three different games to choose from.