Ibiza Theme Parks

The many different types of themes parks in Ibiza include luna parks (Slingshot), water parks (Aquamar, Aquagames), aquariums (Cap Blanc), activity centers (Gran Piruleto), adventure parks (Acrobosc), and animal parks (Finca Cam Munson, Es Puig de Can Maymo).

All of these themed venues are kid-friendly attractions and make up a large portion of the top tourist traps in Ibiza.

Luna Parks

Even though there are no true amusement parks on the island, Slingshot Ibiza comes close as their most famous ride is world-class. Aside from the slingshot, there’s a crazy frog ride, bumper cars, test your strength games, and sideshow games like Hook a Duck.

Water Parks

There are two options to visit a water park in Ibiza which are: Aguamar in Sant Josep de sa Talaia and Aguagames at the Sirenis Hotel in Port d’es Torrent. Both parks have tall and speedy slides, slow and curvy slides, as well as splash areas for small children. Piruleto Spash at Gran Piruleto Park in Sant Jordi de ses Salines is also a decent splash area for kids.

Activity Centers

The most popular activity center in Ibiza is Gran Piruleto Park in Sant Jordi de ses Salines. This park was created for small children and has several play options that include a splash pool, an animation entertainment area, and a multi-adventure area.


While not very big compared to those on the mainland, Aquarium Cap Blanc is very unique in that it’s built inside a cave. Many of their fish tanks are part of the cave floor which you navigate via a wooden walkway. There are also sections for sea creatures like octopus and rays, aquatic life like starfish and coral, as well as specimen exhibits like shark eggs and sea sponges.

Adventure Parks

There is one aerial adventure park called Acrobosc in Santa Eulària that has three different canopy walk routes with a ranging difficulty. The red route is for teens and adults, while the blue and green routes were made for smaller children.

Gran Piurolet Park in Sant Jordi de ses Saline also has a multi-adventure area, which is more like a mini adventure-park for kids.

Animal Parks

The animal-related parks in Ibiza are basically bodega farms that are kid-orientated and offer farm animal feeding. There are two options with Finca Cam Munson in Santa Eularia des Riu, and es Puig de Can Maymo near Sant Mateu d’Albarca.

Tourist Map

You can find all the different types of theme parks marked on the map below, along with the other top attractions and things to do in Ibiza.


Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about all the different types of theme parks found in Ibiza.

Ibiza Theme Parks

The crazy frog ride at Slingshot Ibiza costs 5€ per person (max 2 per person per car) for 5 minutes.

The bumper cars at Slingshot Ibiza cost 5€ per car (up to 2 people) for 5 minutes.

The regular price to ride The Slingshot in Ibiza is 25€ per person. You can have a 2nd free ride if you do it with two people on Mondays before 8 pm. Kids under 16 can also ride the slingshot for 15€ before 8 pm on Thursdays.