Slingshot Ibiza

The most famous amusement park ride in Ibiza, the slingshot propels you into the Ibiza skyline at 160kmph. Nearby there are bumper cars, a crazy frog spin-ride, test your strength games, funfair prize games, and carnival street food.

Rides and Attractions

While the main attraction is the slingshot, you’ll see a lot of people hop in the bumper cars and on the crazy frog. People are always trying to show off as well, with a few actually winning some prizes.

The Slingshot

This ride is of amusement park caliber! The slingshot propels you 72 m (240 ft) into the Ibiza skyline in 1.3 seconds at 160 km per hour while under 6 G’s of acceleration! With the ride also being located in the heart of San Antonio, everyone on the beach will see you fly into the sky.

Bumper Cars

Smash and crash is pretty much the norm after a night of partying in Ibiza. The ride costs 5€ per car (up to 2 people) for 5 minutes of mayhem.

Crazy Frog

A spin me round, right round, like a record baby with bumps and jumps that’ll leave your stomach lurching. The ride costs 5€ per person (max 2 per person per car) for 5 dizzying minutes.

Test Your Strength

There are three games to see who’s the strongest. You can show off your impressive (or lack of) strength via punch, arm wrestle, or hammer time.

Side Shows

Various fun fair games like Hook a Duck entice you to throw lots of money on for a chance to win a prize.

Street Food

Hot dogs, crepes, drinks, and ice cream are served from 8 pm onward.

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The slingshot ride has various pricing levels:

  • 1 Rider:- 25€ per person
  • 2 Riders – 50€ total
  • Video – 15€.
  • T-Shirt – 12€

Their package deals are best used with two people (20€ savings).

  • 1 Rider + video + t-shirt – 45€
  • 2 Riders + video + 2 t-shirts – 70€

There’s also some specials available through email contact and social follows.

  • Monday Madness: 2 full paying riders get 2nd ride free before 8 pm – Email
  • Family Thursdays: Children under 15 ride for 15€ before 8p m – Facebook Follow

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Tourist Map

You can find Slingshot Ibiza in Eivissa on the map below, along with the other top attractions and things to do in Ibiza.


Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about The Slingshot in Ibiza, Spain.

Ibiza Slingshot

The crazy frog ride at Slingshot Ibiza costs 5€ per person (max 2 per person per car) for 5 minutes.

The bumper cars at Slingshot Ibiza cost 5€ per car (up to 2 people) for 5 minutes.

The regular price to ride The Slingshot in Ibiza is 25€ per person. You can have a 2nd free ride if you do it with two people on Mondays before 8 pm. Kids under 16 can also ride the slingshot for 15€ before 8 pm on Thursdays.