Ibiza VR Games

You can play virtual reality video games with 360º twist seating at Virtual Recall in Eivissa or play an outdoor simulated combat game at Ibiza Laser Combat that’s similar to paintball without all the mess.

Virtual Recall Ibiza

Fly, drive, discover your talents, or fight in unimaginable scenarios with 360º of emotions that make you feel part of these hyper-reality fantasy games that activate all of your senses.

Ibiza Laser Combat

Play a real simulated combat game based on the same principles as paintball and uses the latest military training technology. Read more →

Tourist Map

You can find Virtual Reality on the map below, along with the top activities and things to do in Ibiza.


Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about virtual reality games and venues in Ibiza.

You can play several VR video games like car racing and football at Virtual Recall Ibiza in Eivissa, as well as play a real, simulated outdoor combat game (similar to paintball) at Ibiza Laser Combat in Santa Eulalia del Río.