Ibiza Activities

Not all the fun and games in Ibiza like go-karting, laser combat, minigolf are outdoors, as there is indoor fun too in escape rooms, VR gaming rooms, and bowling alleys.


The activities you can do outdoors in Ibiza include golfing on a scenic 18-hole or 9-hole courses or putting away in miniature golf. You can also head out to the go-kart track or play laser combat, a hi-tech and safe alternative to paintball.

Shopping Markets

The hippy markets of Ibiza are a major tourist attraction with many boat tours bringing tourists from all across the island for a visit. In fact, market boat tours even come from Formentera and Majorca too. When shopping here, you’ll find exclusive hand-made products, clothes, crafts, and even musical instruments, while also enjoying an authentic hippy ambiance.

Hippy Market Punta Arabi

Every Wednesday, hundreds of stalls line up the Hippy Market in Punta Arabi to sell handcrafted products and home-made clothes. Around 500 artisans showcase their high-quality crafts. Enjoy the bargaining while listening to some background strums of lively music and performances.

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Las Dalias Flea Market

The Mercadillo Las Dalias has about 200 stalls that feature many stylistic clothes, unusual instruments, and some antiques. You can also have a body massage at the place or treat yourself to a meal at some fusion restaurants.

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Boat Charters

Chartering a boat from Mamboats, from the famous Cafe Mambo in San Antonio should be on your bucket list when visiting Ibiza. Experience the island’s striking sunset while cruising with your loved ones. Maneuver around the western coast and grab a sight of the famous Es Vedra, a small island that has a rising 400-meter rock chunk. Water sports gear, such as snorkeling masks and flippers, are available onboard. These spacious and luxurious boats are ideal for bathing yourself either underwater or under the sun. Mamboats provide various special trips, including bachelor parties, family trips, and water sports.

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Water Sports

Being an island surrounded by a warm sea, there are a ton of water sport activities in Ibiza. The most touristy things to do come in the form of jet skis, parasailing, towables, and inflatables. For those who want a more hands-on feel, there’s kayaking, standup paddleboarding, or a even simple waterbike.

If it’s a bigger rush you seek, there’s windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and waterskiing. You can also take that one step further, by renting a flyboard, flyrider, or an e-foil surfboard. For those who want to explore under the surface, there’s you can even rent Scubajets, Seabobs, and Seabreachers.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is an exceptionally different way to explore the stunning terrains of North Ibiza. The Ibiza Horse Valley is actually a charity foundation that primarily aims to rescue mistreated and abandoned horses. Here, you’ll be able to witness the beautiful views of nature while the horses run freely around the wild. Additionally, you will also get to feed, tend, and ride on the horses.

The facility accepts riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced ones, aged 14 years and above. Inform the personnel about your skills to help them determine the extent of assistance that they should provide. The place offers half-day and full-day horse riding experience to the mountain and at the beach, respectively. Don’t forget to click on your cameras to take a photo of the picturesque sceneries with your chosen horse.

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Tourist Trains

The Ibiza Tourist trains are novel means of transportation that will let you cherish the stunning sites of the island. You can sit and chill while the train takes a trip around the charming villages and striking landscapes of Ibiza’s most popular resorts. These vehicles look like a series of pulling wagons with smiling travelers enjoying the sightseeing brought by the ride. Three trips are available for booking at Portinatx. The first one will take you to the Port of San Miguel, where you can witness the hundred millennium-old caves of Can Marca. The second one shall steer you to the beautiful beach of Benirras, while the third will lead you to the turquoise bay of San Vicente. All three shall take you to the village of San Juan, where an 18th-century church stands firm up to now. Tourist trains can also be taken from Santa Eulalia, Port de San Miguel, Es Canar, Portanix, and Cala Llonga, Es Figueral.


Formerly known as Surf House and Surf Lounge Ibiza, the Flowrider at Bam-Bu-Ku in San Antonio allows you to learn and enjoy surfing the crashing waves as if you’re at sea. Actually, you’ll just be riding your surfboard on an artificial static-wave machine. It’s like a simulation of the ocean waves minus the risk of getting drowned. It is a safe environment where inexperienced individuals get to practice with the help of encouraging surf instructors. You can go by yourself or have fun with your family and friends. You may also rent the whole place that could accommodate up to 30 people. Experience the same surfing thrill without the fear of drowning. The Surf House Ibiza also has facilities for paddle surfing and volleyball. Bali beds are also available for relaxation while you sip on some refreshments.

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Walking Ibiza

This outdoor activity is a healthy way to take time and appreciate the island’s wonders that you shall discover throughout your tour. Walking Ibiza offers private walks with specific routes that will let you explore the beautiful coastlines and countryside with your family and friends. You may also enjoy some kayaking activities as part of the tour. Walking Ibiza takes you to places that are quite impossible to be seen by car. It will give you an escapade of in-depth sense as you discover some hidden beaches and caves. Get knowledgeable about the island through the help of some passionate guides. These people that assist you throughout the tour are professionally trained, and they always carry first aid kits with them.

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There are two golf courses in Ibiza both of which are located side-by-side at Golf Ibiza in Santa Eulària. Their 18-hole course, Golf del Ibiza is set in a rugged valley while their 9-hole course, Roca Llisa is flatter.

Go Karting

Whether you’re near San Antonio (Ibiza Karting) or Santa Eulària (Go Karts) and you’ll be able to jump on the track and rev up those engines. Both venues have night lights too with the San Antonio go karting tracks staying open till 2 am during peak season.

Laser Combat

Bruises from paintball and airsoft are now a thing of the past with laser combat using the latest military technology to bring fun and safety back into the sport. There’s just one playable venue at the moment though and that’s at Ibiza Laser Combat in Santa Eulària des Riu.


No matter where you go in the world, wherever there’s a resort town, there’s miniature golf courses nearby. Ibiza is no exception with Minigolf in Sant Josep being one of the last ones standing.


The Kandani store sells and repairs bikes. Other than that, they also offer private tours that are guided by experienced bikers. Kandani Private Tours provides various routes that will suit your cycling expertise and preference. You’re allowed to rent your chosen bicycle model. Accident insurance and road assistance are also part of the package. The bikes are prepared and checked before the tour. But in case of damage, changing of bicycles is also granted. Bike around the countryside with your group or opt for a path with moderate difficulty to improve your skill. If you’re an expert biker who wants a more challenging route, mountain terrains with a great view also await you.

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Also known as Parc Natural de Ses Salines, the salt flats of Las Salinas is a portion of the protected area of the national park. The sun-kissed coastal sight is a splendid attraction of the island that serves as a layover for migratory birds. Expect to see some flamingos and other rare species flocking over the marshland. For bird enthusiasts, this will be quite a sight to witness. What’s more, you’ll also be able to see the famous Salt Mountain. As a souvenir, you may buy some Sal de Ibiza _It is an untreated sea salt that contains natural minerals and trace elements. You can visit this place for free all year round.

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If you’re up for a unique and eco-friendly experience, you should definitely visit Casita Verde in Sant Josep. There you will be able to learn about the sustainable type of lifestyle. Observe how people live with full concern for the environment. Understand the ecological importance reflected on the houses made by recycled materials. Explore how alternative sources of energy are being used to sustain the kind of living in the place. Amidst the current rise of industrialization and pollution, it is a breath of air to visit places that remind you of the significance of recycling and utilizing renewable energy.

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Kid’s Activity Centers

Minibiza at Club de Campo in Sant Josep is a fun place for babies and kids up to 12 years old. At Minibiza, children can have a new space to play and learn some stuff while in Ibiza. Aside from babysitting services, Minibiza also renders workshops in arts, cooking, gardening, and yoga. Let your children keep their little hands busy and show their creativity. They can also mingle with other kids and engage in playgroups in Minibiza’s specially-adapted garden area. Plenty of indoor activities can also be enjoyed by your kids during their summer holiday. The place also hosts birthday parties.

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For those wanting to spend some time indoors, the activities in Ibiza include casinos with gaming rooms, poker, and slots, along with escape room games. There’s also a virtual reality arcade and a bowling alley.


If you’re looking for nighttime entertainment, Casino de Ibiza has table games like roulette and blackjack, as well as i-games, and slot machines with super jackpots. You also play Caribbean stud and Texas hold ’em in a poker room that, including tournament play.

Escape Rooms

If you want to get out of the sun, what better way than to hide from it altogether. At present, there is only one venue left on Ibiza, in Eivissa which is called Scapart. Inside you’ll find the game rooms titled The Theft of Tanit (archaeologist message), Target Spy (paparazzi film roll), and Pirates Secret (stop the curse).

Virtual Reality

The hyper-reality fantasy games at Virtual Recall Ibiza allow you to fly, drive, discover your talents, or fight in unimaginable scenarios with 360º of emotion-driven gameplay.


There’s just some special about having your name in neon lights with an xxx beside it! At Friend’s Kitchen Bowling Center you’ll find 4 lanes of pin crashing action.

Tourist Map

You can find all these indoor and outdoor activities along with the top attractions and things to do in Ibiza on the map below.


Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about indoor and outdoor activities in Ibiza.

Ibiza Activity Centers

The adventure park area in Gran Piruleto costs an extra 5€ to enter.

Gran Piruleto near Playa d’en Bossa is dedicated to entertaining children. Its main features include animation entertainers, a splash area, an adventure park area, and scheduled activities, games, crafts, etc.