Water Sports Activities in Ibiza

Due to the island’s hot climate, many of the top water sport activities are simply a way to cool down. Whether you want to suspend yourself over water on a board, an inflatable, a boat, or jet propulsion machine, many sporting activities await you on the waters surrounding Ibiza.


When it comes to watercraft options in Ibiza, you will not be disappointed. Whether you want something self-propelled, wind propelled, or attached to a jet propulsion engine, you’ll be amazed at all the choices you have.


Kayaking in Ibiza is a treat, as is standup paddleboarding, especially at sunset, and there are many little islands to visit too. Pedal boats and waterbikes are also popular for those who want a nice slow and relaxing ride.

Wind Propelled

You’ll see lots of tourists parasailing, kite-boarding, and windsurfing their way across the beaches of Ibiza.

Jet Propulsion

While everyone knows about jet skis, they are but one toy you can play with. Scubajets are lightweight Seabobs that allow you to dive underwater, while Seabreachers are akin to driving your own miniature submarines!


If you like being dragged around, then wakeboarding and water skiing are worth a look. You can also try one of the inflatables, as you get pulled around on a banana boat, tornado boat, ringo, or a fly fish.

Top Water Sports Activities in Ibiza

There are so many things to do on the water in Ibiza that you’d be hard pressed to fit all these activities into all into a full 7-day itinerary.

1. Jet Skis

This is not just fun and relaxing, but also a great way to discover Ibiza and its surroundings from the water. You don’t need a special license or any type of permit for riding a jet ski. You can go on private tours or group tours that reach stunning and otherwise unreachable locations. Here are some of the destinations that you can explore from the jet ski: Es Vedra’s stone colossus, Margaritas Islands, Atlantis old stone quarry, Cala D’Aubarca cove, Conejera legendary Islands, and beyond.

2. Kayaking

This is such a romantic activity, that allows you to stroll around Ibiza’s waters, either alone or accompanied, at your own relaxed pace. You can just enjoy the scenery, or stop in whichever place you feel, and maybe even go snorkeling wherever you wish.

There is a custom with many tourists to watch the impressive Ibiza sunset while on a kayak, somewhere away in the sea. You can engage your romantic side by kayaking at night. You can take kayak lessons for beginners or experienced users, and also join various thrilling group kayak expeditions.

3. Parasailing

Parasailing has been a classic favorite water activity for many years. It’s indeed thrilling. You get strapped into a harness and get lifted up and above 400 meters in the sky. You can enjoy the scenery from above, where everything is calm, peaceful, and amazing. While flying you will enjoy the amazing views of Ibiza’s north coast: protected Tagomago area, Cala Mastella, Cala Boix, Cala Lena, Cala Nova, and so on. As an extra service, you can also listen to music or enjoy a drink while in the air.

4. Standup Paddleboards

SUP is a watersport that perfectly complements other types of activities on the beach or in the open sea. The paddleboard is inflatable. You can easily carry it deflated, together with the paddle, everywhere, with not much space requirements. In only a couple of minutes, you will have it inflated and know that Ibiza waters are predominantly clear and calm.

For even more fun, you have the chance to enjoy this activity together with your family and friends. Up to 7 people can fit on the same giant paddlesurf board.

5. Windsurfing

This is another classic water sport. However, in this case, you need to get some specific training. You have to control the board plus the articulated sail that needs to be positioned in the wind’s direction.

This activity is so much easier to enjoy in Ibiza since the wind and waves conditions are favorable all year long. Plus, there are various board types, some allowing you to just enjoy the calm waters and steady breeze.

6. Wakeboarding & Waterskiing

It’s an intense sport that involves taking some classes to ensure you keep a good position on the wakeboard/water skis and so you don’t sink into the sea. You can find a wide range of boards, skis, and appropriate equipment. Such a ride usually lasts around 20 minutes of fast-moving through waves and wind. So it requires physical resistance. The good news is that you can find really good instructors all over the island, both for beginners and professionals that want to improve their skills.

7. Inflatables

The inflatable boat rides are always a hit with those traveling with children. You’ll have many towable choices to chose from like banana boats and tornado boards to ringos and fly fish rides.

Banana Boats

Brings you together with family, or up to 8 friends on a delightful, and bouncy, Ibiza bays tour.

Tornado Boats

Very energetically jumping and traveling all around in the waves, close to your group. You are safely going to be 50 cm above the water at all times.


This time you will be single on your donut-shaped inflatable, going at a high speed, getting all wet, and experiencing a thrilling ride.

Fly Fish Rides

It’s a much more adrenaline-intense ride than the banana ride, yet similar. It is pulled at a high speed, and just like a fly fish, you’ll be jumping in and out of the water, again and again.

8. Adventure Boats

You can decide to rent a boat in Ibiza and be your own captain. You are free to sail away to whatever turquoise waters you like, to sail anchor whenever it suits you, swim and visit caves and coves. You are the master of the adventure boat.

The great news is that you don’t need any type of license or sailing permit, nor any experience in riding boats. The boats are small, light, safe, and very easy to sail.

9. Pedal Boats

It’s all about relaxation, spending time with your friends and family during a soft stroll in the calm waters around Ibiza’s coast. It is recommendable for all ages. Since you will just enjoy a tanning session for around one hour, always take sunscreen with you.

10. Flyboards

This is one of the trendiest watersports, in Ibiza. The experience is thrillingly close to actually flying. It is enabled by two high-pressure water jets that might help you fly above the water, in a vertical position, at around 15 meters in height. You don’t need much training for that, probably about 10 minutes with an instructor. You need to strap your feet on a board and apply some simple balance techniques.

11. Flyriders

A FlyRide is somewhat similar in mechanics to a jet ski, as it uses water propulsion for motion. The equipment has a gyroscope that keeps the equipment’s balance continuously. The riders are flying instantly and can control the flight at all times. There is no need to get training for FlyRider. Due to the electronic system, the stability is always under control. Thus, 100% of the users are flying right away, just like when using a Segway or Hoverboard.

12. E-Foils

Surfing with an e-foil is one of the newest attractions. It is a super easy water sport. The instructors will help you learn how to control the e-foil, right away. It is unexpectedly comfortable, simultaneously being a thrilling experience. The electric motor is brushless and it will silently take you over the waves. The e-foil has a lithium battery, so it is eco-friendly and doesn’t disturb underwater life.

13. Scubajets

This is an incredibly technologically advanced piece of equipment, made to a high extent of aluminum. The new generations of scubajets have great results when it comes to power to weight ratio. They deliver 20 KG of propulsion (an equivalent of 200 Newtons)  at a weight of no more than 3.5 KG. The numbers look amazing. Its performances are comparable with a 6-speed Seabob, which weighs ten times more than the scubajet.

14. Seabobs

This is a new generation of the classic water scooter. It is very safe, and you can enjoy it together with your entire group. Don’t worry about the diving depth. The equipment has a depth limiter, so you can also entrust your kids with the seabob. This is the perfect activity to explore marine life. As long as you use it correctly, your seabob’s battery should last the entire day, without a recharge.

15. Seabreachers

Here comes the heavy equipment. This is one spectacular activity, with a semi-submersible. It almost feels like your piloting a fighter jet, and the 70 KMPH speed, surely helps with increasing the sensation. From your racing car-type seat, you get to play all types of tricks and spins under and above the waves. Plus you won’t get wet at all, while in the cockpit.

16. Waterbikes

Are you a bike enthusiast? Rest assured that your beach holiday in Ibiza won’t keep you away from your passion. You can book a waterbike that provides great stability and ease in riding the waves. Due to its shape and floatable structure, you will feel comfortable while pedaling no matter the water conditions. It is such an easy and fun activity for people of all ages.