Ibiza Things to Do

For an island known as party central in Spain, there are a surprisingly large number of touristy things to do in Ibiza. We’re not just talking tourist traps here, but scenic spots, historical places, and some unique activities that make visiting Ibiza worthwhile even for those not interested in its nightlife.


The coastline in Ibiza is dotted with beaches throughout the island, so it’s not a surprise that many of the top attractions are beach-related. Places like Platges de Comte, Cala Bassa, Cala Saladeta, and Cala Benirrás are hugely popular with the traveling tourist.

For those who want to stick close their resort, there’s Playa De Santa Eulalia, Platja d’en Bossa, Playa Cala Xarraca, Platja de ses Figueretes, Platja des Port de Sant Miquel and Playa De Portinatx.

Aside from there are many more bays and secluded beaches that gather tourists like Cala Gració, Cala Salada, Cala Llentia, S’Espalmador, Cala de Sant Vicent, Playa es Pouet and Platja des Cavallet just to name a few.

Water Sports

Being an island surrounded by a warm sea, there are a ton of water sport activities in Ibiza. The most touristy things to do come in the form of jet skis, parasailing, towables, and inflatables. For those who want a more hands-on feel, there’s kayaking, standup paddleboarding, or a even simple waterbike.

If it’s a bigger rush you seek, there’s windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and waterskiing. You can also take that one step further, by renting a flyboard, flyrider, or an e-foil surfboard. For those who want to explore under the surface, there’s you can even rent Scubajets, Seabobs, and Seabreachers.

Tourist Traps

There are many different theme parks in Ibiza that soak up tourists like there’s no tomorrow. Between the luna parks and water parks, along with the aquariums, adventure parks, and activity centers, there’s a little something for everyone.

Luna Parks

Even though there are no true amusement parks on the island, Slingshot Ibiza comes close as their most famous ride is world-class. Aside from the slingshot, there’s a crazy frog ride, bumper cars, test your strength games, and sideshow games like Hook a Duck.

Water Parks

There are two options for visiting water parks in Ibiza which are: Aguamar in Sant Josep de sa Talaia and Aguagames at the Sirenis Hotel in Port d’es Torrent. Both parks have tall and speedy slides, slow and curvy slides, as well as splash areas for small children. Piruleto Spash at Gran Piruleto Park in Sant Jordi de ses Salines is also a decent splash area for kids.

Activity Centers

The most popular activity center in Ibiza is Gran Piruleto Park in Sant Jordi de ses Salines. This park was created for small children and has several play options that include a splash pool, an animation entertainment area, and a multi-adventure area.


While it’s not a big aquarium compared to those on the mainland, Cap Blanc is very unique in that it’s built inside a cave. Many of their fish tanks are part of the cave floor which you navigate via a wooden walkway. There are also sections for sea creatures like octopus and rays, aquatic life like starfish and coral, as well as specimen exhibits like shark eggs and sea sponges.

Adventure Parks

The main adventure park for ziplines in Ibiza is Acrobosc in Santa Eulària. It has three different canopy walk routes with the red route being for teens and adults, while the blue and green routes are made for smaller children.

Gran Piurolet Park in Sant Jordi de ses Saline also has a multi-adventure area, which is like a mini adventure-park for kids.

Animal Parks

The animal-related parks in Ibiza are basically bodega farms that are kid-orientated and offer farm animal feeding. There are two options with Finca Cam Munson in Santa Eularia des Riu, and es Puig de Can Maymo near Sant Mateu d’Albarca.

Places to Visit

The sun sets in Ibiza over the rocky outcrop islands that lay just out of reach and creates dazzling views all around. The elevated cliffs that surround many beaches and bay provide for postcar-perfect opportunities all across the island.

Scenic Spots

The Mirador Es Vedrà and the San Antonio Sunset Strip are by far the most famous scenic viewpoints in Ibiza, along with those found at Punta Galera and Agua Blanca.

Land Art

The Time and Space and by The Speed of Light outdoor exhibits by Andrew Rodgers at Cala Llentia are wholly unique as they are literally carved out of the landscape. They are a must-see attraction simply for their sheer ecological brilliance.


While many lighthouses on the Balearic Islands are surrounding Ibiza, the Punta Moscarter lighthouse is easily accessible and offers decent hiking trails nearby.

Parks and Gardens

Unfortunately, there’s not much in terms of exotic fauna here with the Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico, and the Parc de la Pau being the most visited. There’s also the Centre d’Interpretació des Amunts which is bigger in name than it is in botanical exhibits.

Historical Places

While not steep in history, there are unique finds in Ibiza that you would not expect for a travel destination mainly marketed as a nightlife party place.

Archeological Sites

The Puig des Molins is am unusual place on Ibiza that combines a Phoenician necropolis with museum exhibits of tomb finds. The Poblament fenici de Sa Caleta is somewhat unique in nature, while the Aqueducte de s’Argamassa is kinda dull looking, but an engineering marvel in its day.


The walls of Castell d’Eivissa are a highlight feature of Evissia and you will see many tourists walking up the castle pathway with cameras in hand.


Beside that, there are many fortresses spread about like Torre des Carregador, Torre de Portinatx, Torre De Ses Portes, and Torre des Molar. Their cliffside presence while overlooking scenic bays and beaches make for wonderful photo backdrops.


The Cova de Can Marçà is the Ibiza cave you see in all the postcard photos, while smaller and less notable ones include Cova des Culleram and Ses Fontanelles Sa Cova Des Vi.


Surprisingly, there are not many notable churches in Ibiza with the


Unfortunately, there’s not much of a selection when it comes to museums either other than the Museu Casa Broner which looks like something built recently, but its architectural design dates back to the 1960s. The Museu Etnogràfic d’Eivissa and the Casa de la Cúria might be worth a look on rainy days.

Art Galleries

The Museu d’art Contemporani d’Eivissa has some decent modern art displays while the private Galeria Marta Torres is quite impressive for its size. The Museu Pugeta and Espacio Micus round out the remaining options.

Outdoor Activities

The activities you can do outdoors in Ibiza include golfing on a scenic 18-hole or 9-hole courses or putting away in miniature golf. You can also head out to the go-kart track or play laser combat, a hi-tech and safe alternative to paintball.


There are two two golf courses in Ibiza both of which are located side-by-side at Golf Ibiza in Santa Eulària. Their 18-hole course, Golf del Ibiza is set in a rugged valley while their 9-hole course, Roca Llisa is flatter.

Go Karting

Whether you’re near San Antonio (Ibiza Karting) or Santa Eulària (Go Karts) and you’ll be able to jump on a go kart track and rev up those engines. Both venues have night lights too with the San Antonio track staying open till 2 am during peak season.

Laser Combat

Bruises from paintball and airsoft are now a thing of the past with laser combat using the latest military technology to bring fun and safety back into the sport. There’s just one playable venue at the moment though and that’s at Ibiza Laser Combat in Santa Eulària des Riu.


No matter where you go in the world, wherever there’s a resort town, there’s miniature golf courses nearby. Ibiza is no exception with Minigolf in Sant Josep being one of the last ones standing.

Indoor Activities

For those wanting to spend some time indoors, the activities in Ibiza include casinos with gaming rooms, poker, and slots, along with escape room games. There’s also a virtual reality arcade and a bowling alley.


If you’re looking for nighttime entertainment, Casino de Ibiza has table games like roulette and blackjack, as well as i-games, and slot machines with super jackpots. You also play Caribbean stud and Texas hold ’em in a poker room that, including tournament play within the casino.

Escape Rooms

If you want to get out of the sun, what better way than to hide from it altogether. There is only one escape room in Ibiza left standing at present, which called Scapart, and is found in Eivissa. Inside you’ll find the game rooms titled The Theft of Tanit (archaeologist message), Target Spy (paparazzi film roll), and Pirates Secret (stop the curse).

Virtual Reality

The hyper-reality fantasy games at Virtual Recall Ibiza allow you to fly, drive, discover your talents, or fight in unimaginable scenarios with 360º of emotion-driven gameplay. Playing a little VR in Ibiza on rainy day is a great way to pass the time.


There’s just some special about bowling in Ibiza. Maybe it’s just having your name in neon lights with an xxx beside it on this party island! At Friend’s Kitchen Bowling Center you’ll find 4 lanes of pin crashing action.

Tourist Map

You can find all the different types of theme parks marked on the map below, along with the other top attractions and things to do in Ibiza.