Shopping Malls in Istanbul

Since Constantinople was the trading hub of the Ottoman Empire, it should come as no surprise that the shopping malls of Istanbul are filled to brim with international, luxurious name brand stores.

There are so many options for where to shop in Istanbul, that it’s simply of matter of which store you’re looking for, and which mall that has it. is the closest to where you’re staying.

Istinye Park

This is an innovative concept among all of Istanbul’s commercial malls. It brings thematic sections to its visitors, all gathered under a structural ceiling made of glass, intertwined with open spaces. It is eco-friendly and displaces a great concern for details and for serving people of most diverse interests.

There is a green central park, a fashion district, street-side shopping, a children’s center (1500 sqm), Hillside Sports, Leisure Club, The Bazaar (resembling the historic Turkish architecture), 12 cinemas (one IMAX 3D), three waste recycling centers. Everything spread over a 242.000 sqm area.


It is located in an elite neighborhood, from Besiktas. Right next to it you enter two of the main business quarters in Istanbul, Levent, and Maslak. It spreads over 180.000 sq meters, organized into four stories. They provide free transportation services from neighborhood areas and near-by hotels.

Akmerkez Mall was selected as Europe’s best shopping center in 1995, by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Further on, in 1996, it was also elected as the best shopping center in the world, and it was awarded the International Design and Development Award. It continued with a 2010 award for best interior design, granted by the European Commercial Property Awards (all these awards, together, are a unique performance).


Here we have yet another awarded shopping center in the core of Istanbul. In 2006 it received the Cityscape Architectural Review Award, in the commercial building’s section. It presents a selection of the most famous and refined local and international brands, exquisite cuisine, cafes, wellness center, cinemas.

It covers a 37.500 sqm area, in the business district, Levent. You can keep in touch with the mall’s news as well as its refreshing musical selections, at the Radio Kanyon.


This is a niche-themed mall, in the Sisli district, very close to the central Taksim square. It is dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. Actually, City’s is considered to be the LifeStyle Center of Istanbul. It was designed to fit perfectly among its historical environments.

It has a wide range of fashion stores, but also cafes and restaurants. It’s the first place to find out the newest trends, products and to meet all fashionistas out there. You will also appreciate the six-story parking lot, which remains open 24/7. This perfectly serves the ultra crowded Istanbul center.


A place that gathers them all. It is an enormous shopping center which is notorious for having almost everything that you are searching for. With an area of 495.000 sqm, this mall hosts tens of stores, 15 bars, 34 restaurants, 10 cinemas, plus big commercial spaces like Ikea, Praktiker, Decathlon.

What is more, Forum Istanbul hosts Turkey’s first huge aquarium, Turkuazoo. Another special attraction is the first ice museum, Magic Ice. Both occupy an 8.000 sqm area within the mall’s premises.


Here we have the first shopping center ever built in Istanbul. And it is not far from the airport. Galleria’s history goes back to the 0s when Turkey was dealing with great changes in all areas. Then Prime-Minister, Turgut Ozal was the one to suggest building such a shopping mall, to encourage commerce as well as international tourism. His inspiration, the shopping mall also named Galleria from Houston, USA.

The area of this mall is 77.000. It includes exquisite stores, restaurants, cinemas, and sports attractions. In 1990, Galleria was named the world’s most remarkable mall, by the ICSC, due to its sophisticated design, and unique architectural elements.


Metrocity is a very modern shopping center, resembling the specific business architectural style. It perfectly matches its location, at the heart of Istanbul’s famous business district, Levent and easily accessible, via Istanbul’s M2 metro line.

The ceiling is all made of fiberglass fabric. It lets the sun shine through, lighting up the hallways and stores, all day long. It obviously contributes consistently to visitors’ and shoppers’ good disposition. It is a four-story house for 140 stores, among which, the most sought-after international brands, and several popular local ones.

Zorlu Center

The latest addition to Istanbul’s commercial life, the main focus of this shopping center is the gourmet touch. You will find locations that are unique in Istanbul, like Jamie Oliver’s Italian, Tom’s Kitchen, next to famous local cuisine brands. It was also designed with a deep concern for nature.

Within Zorlu’s total 105.000 sqm surface, there are two green open-courts. The main one is 10.000 sqm, and the second one, 12.000 sqm. The rest is hosting around 180 shops.