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NYE Traditions in Istanbul

There a few ingrained traditions woven into the fabric of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Istanbul. The New Year’s tree and exchanging of gifts is a lot like Christmas in the West.

Spending time with family, especially at dinner time remains prevalent, but once the party hour hits, it’s a non-stop blitz that it some places, it seems like the party never ends.

New Year’s Tree

The New Year’s Tree is a tradition that foreign tourists find quite unique, as it’s almost like having a second Christmas. You’ll find locals exchanging gifts between family and friends on New Year’s eve.

Family Dinners

Many Istanbulites prefer to stay at home, enjoying dinners with friends and families until the hour is near.

Party Hour

At 11:00 pm, with one hour to go until midnight, locals will start flooding into the streets and carry on partying until the wee hours of the morning.