Where to Buy Shoes: Istanbul’s Top Turkish Footwear Stores

With so many Turkish footwear manufacturers, shopping for shoes in Istanbul is a delight. You also get a great deal, no matter where you buy their unique styles. From Vakko, Hotic, Greyder, and Tergan to Derimon, Yargici, and FLO, the selection will be more than plentiful to fill your suitcase.


Aside from the low cost, you can purchase shoes in Istanbul that no one else back home without having to take out a mortgage to do it. Still, if you looking to spend money, don’t worry, all the high-end fashion brands, whether Italian or French have stores in Istanbul. Or if you want to go local, try out some Turkish bath clogs.

Top Turkish Footwear Stores

Turkey occupies 10th place, worldwide, in the shoe-making industry with over 175 million pairs manufactured annually. You can find anything from sandals to sportswear, boots, men, women, and kids, as well high-heels as for your fashion darlings.

Just remember that when shopping in Istanbul, that Turkey uses European, (EU) shoe sizes, so be sure download a handy conversion chart to your phone before arriving.

1. Vakko

Vakko is considered the first luxury shoe manufacturer in Turkey. They present an offer that includes also international brands, however, they represent only up to 30% of their collection. The rest is all created by Turkish designers and manufactured in Turkey. They are known for many colorful patterns and a wide variety of models. You can buy elegant women’s shoes, as well as flats, men’s wing-flips, sneakers, etc.


2. Hotic

The Turkish veteran footwear producer has a lot of fancy leather shoes to offer. The quality and execution of their products are of great elegance, with designs that could complete both casual and formal outfits. Though the quality is comparable to some of the famous international brands, the prices are affordable. You can buy from sneakers to fancy high-heels.


3. Greyder

One of the most popular and internationally known sport and winter footwear brands,Greyder, has over 100 stores just in Turkey. They are made of great quality leather and provide a comfortable experience. From casual to sports designs, every member of your family could find a model that fits them.


4. Tergan

Tergan offers a wide variety of leather accessories and footwear. Their offer ranges from summer casual, classic heels, and winter boots, to modern sneakers and youthful sports shoes.


5. Derimod

It is a store dedicated to the best leather products. As you can imagine, shoes are among the most sought-after items. The prices are low to average, which invites you to purchase several pairs at once. They have all types of leather shoes, high heels, flats, wedges, boots, etc.


6. Yargici

This Turkish manufacturer is continuously inspired by the French-chic shoe style. Subsequently, you can also find their products in Paris. They have various shoe types, however, their main products are casual. You can select from flats, floral sneakers, striped sandals, and much more.


7. FLO

FLO, although being a newcomer, continues a legacy of a small workshop, from the 1960s. Back then, every pair of shoes was designed uniquely, for each customer. Since 2001, FLO has become a big name in the shoe retailing market worldwide and the industry’s leader in Turkey. Their motto is Everyone’s Shoe-maker, many local brands were acquired by the FLO group, to complete the catalog.


8. Polaris

The popular Polaris brand is suitable for both kids and adults, with accessible prices and a full range of products. They focus on ergonomic, healthy materials and clean design. The collections mainly include flat shoes and slippers.


9. Inci

This brand started as a small shop at the beginning of the 20th century and nowadays it has over 70 sub-divisions. Since the very beginning, they have been focusing on providing customers with the most modern shoes. Thus, whether men’s or women’s shoes, you have the guarantee that you will get the most fashionable pairs. They manufacture affordable leather shoes, sandals, and also boots.

10. INstreet

If you want something comfortable, and you are searching for the most comfortable sneakers, you can visit the INstreet concept store. Next to several of the best home brands, you also can choose from a series of notorious international names such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Vans.


11. Lescon

It is an Istanbul-based, sportswear manufacturer. It is one of the biggest sports shoe brands in Turkey. They have hundreds of stores around the country and provide a wide range of shoes for athletic use or sneakers.


12. Hammer Jack

It is a Turkish manufacturer that mostly creates casual and sports shoes. They are appreciated internationally. Around 40% of the production goes to export. But they also have over 1000 stores in Turkey. Their shoes provide great comfort.


13. Vicco

Vicoo is a children-dedicated shoe brand. They release new models each season, around a thousand of them. The brand focuses on comfort and attractiveness. Their asset is continuous innovation and research work. If you buy their products, you can be sure your baby gets the best foot treatment.


14. Forelli

It is a shoe brand that specializes in orthopedic shoes. The quality is high and the core value is deep care for the customer. In 2007 they launched also a collection for men. All their products are produced of leather material, and they also export a wide range.


15. Beymen

Beymen is famous as a luxury department store. You can buy any of the shoe superstars like Saint Laurent, and Jimmy Choo. They also provide locally manufactured shoes, equally beautiful and qualitative, yet at lower prices. You can choose from classic shoes to pumps, ballerina flats, sandals, boots, etc.


High-End Designers

Istanbul has a rich offer when it comes to designer dedicated stores, such as Alberto Guardani, Louis Vuitton, and others. You could discover these shops while walking around the city’s fancy districts like Nisantasi, or by visiting a luxury shopping malls like Zorlu Center, Istinye Park, Cevahir, or Mall of Istanbul. You can also find several top men brands in the Elite Men Shoes Outlet, which is right outside Istanbul.

Turkish Bath Clogs

On the thin line between footwear and art, you could also buy the traditional Turkish clogs. The nalins, associated with the tradition of the famous Turkish baths, or their variation, the takunyas, are still manufactured by crafters all over Turkey, and sold in boutique shops all across the markets and bazaars of Istanbul.

They make great souvenirs or you could even put them on. Beautifully decorated and hand-made over the centuries, now you will encounter most often, the machine-made versions or even more wearable pairs, made of plastic.