Holidays in Istanbul Vacation Guide

Vacationing in Istanbul provides the best of both worlds. A blessed historical past full of intrigue is merged with a modern symposium of entertainment, shopping, and luxury accommodation.

No matter how much time you have to spend here, you will never be short of things to do or new things to try out.


Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for in Istanbul, you’re liable to find something in your price. From budget hostels, low-cost pensions, 2-star, and 3-star hotels.

Luxury Hotels

There’s are no shortage of higher-price 4-star accommodations in accommodations. In fact, there are even luxurious 5-star hotels, some of which are even located inside palaces, while their health and wellness centers are only available to guests.

Many luxury accommodations can be found in and around the tourist attractions and exotic Turkish baths found throughout the city, but you can find luxurious spas inside the hotels as well. While they’re historical from the time of Constantinople, the pampering process within is at times even more exquisite.


Two tourist airports service Istanbul, with the New IST International Airport drawing raves reviews from travelers around the world. Flights from Europe on many low-budget airlines arrive at Sabiha Gocken which is just outside the city. While SAB airport is not a luxurious as the new IST, it’s the best place to find cheap flights into Istanbul.

Vacation Packages

Generally, most vacation packages for Istanbul are sold out of the country, with the UK and Germany having the most options found in local travel agencies. France, Holland, and Belgium also have a decent number of travel agents booking these types of vacations with deals ranking from budget stays to well-thought-out travel itineraries.

What to Do

The history of Byzantium and Constantinople combine with many of the religious and historical sites that make up the bulk of things to do in Istanbul. The famous Hagia SofiaBlue Mosque, and the Hippodrome, are within a short walking distance of each other.

What many tourists don’t realize until they arrive is that the city is also built for kids, as there are many tourist attractions geared for families, such as theme parksaquariums, and zoos. There are even a few water parks in Istanbul, as well as go-kart tracks too.

The city museums and art galleries are in plentiful supply, as is the shopping in Istanbul, whether in mallsstreetsmarkets, or bazaars, the clothing, shoes, and souvenirs are bountiful.