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Lanzarote Things to Do

Lanzarote is an island full of resort towns and all the activities, attractions and nightlife to go along with it. The sun-bathed beaches, volcanic landscapes and national parks make for scenic spots filled with hiking trails spread all across the island.

The crystal-clear waters are chock full of touristy water sports and things to do like surfing, windsurfing and parasailing. There is also a rich pirate history hear which can be seen in the Lanzarote’s musuems, art galleries, castles, watch towers and forts.

What Makes Lanzarote Unique?

The moon-like, volcanic landscape is like nothing you’ve ever seen and when combined with Ceasar Manirique vision to blend nature with tourism there are so many unique experiences to be had.

Even beneath the sea, the sub-aquatic diving tour even have an underwater museum. While snorkeling, you might just see a tourist submarine pass underneath. The diversified nature and thirsty soil, combined with an oasis of palm trees makes for unique tour like Aloe vera museums, bodega wineries, and lava tube caves. In fact, you can even have your lunch barbecued by a volcano vent!

Extraordinary Things

Before you get sucked into a tourist trap, like a theme park, or a water park, take some time to explore the hidden gems and unusual places that Lanzarote has to offer. These scenic places will provide with unique experience that and extraordinary photo opportunities that you might just miss otherwise.

The free things to do in Lanzarote are some of the best experiences the island has to offer, and if you’re specifically looking night time activities, then check out our guide for things to do a night.


The beaches of Lanzarote offer unspoiled splendor with Playa Grande, Playa Papagayo, Playa Fariones, Playa Flamingo and Playa de Los Pocillos being the most popular.

While the resort towns of Arrecife, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen offer full beach amenities, there are some beautiful beaches that dotted all across the island.

For water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing or beginner surfing, Playa Las Cucharas and Playa La Santa offer some decent waves.

While somewhat remote, Playa Famara is very popular for surfing and kite boarding lessons whereas Playa de Orzola is just as beautiful and even more down to nature.

The secret beaches of Spiaggia del Caleton Blanco and Caleton Blanco are sure to delight, whereas the Piscinas Naturales in Punta Mujeres is great little swimming nook. If you want more with less (i.e. go full monty), then try the natural swimming pools at Charco del Palo and Caleta de Mojon Blanco.

Open-air Activities

Many professional athletes utilize the ranging landscape in Lanzarote for instense training. The steep and roving grades make for great mountain biking and there’s even an Ironman competition held here every year.

You can go golfing, horseback riding and even play tennis on many professional looking courts.

Water Sports

Aquatic sports are alive and well year-round in Lanzaote with water skiing, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, easily booked at your holiday resorts or a local travel agent.

Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba divers come here to explore the extraordinary seabed, especially off the coast at Mala or in the southern part of the island. The El Veril de la Tiñosa at Playa Chica is sheer cliff dropoff wonderland even snorkelers can enjoy.

National Parks

The sheer diversity of the volcanic landscape spread across Timanfaya National Park is too hard to put into words and must simply be seen. While it’s best explored by car or on a bus tour, you can see some of the park while hiking, biking or riding a camel.

If you ever wanted to know what volcano barbecued food tastes like (ummm… delicious), check out the lava steamed oven menu at El Diablo Restaurant.

There’s a lot one-of-a-kind places in the park like too like Los Hervideros, El Lago Verde/Charco de Los Clicos and Caldera Blanca.

While located outside of the park, be sure not to miss these freebie places like the Centro de Interpretacion (lava walk) Stratified City (sand shaped rocks), Salinas de Janubio (salt flats) and the wineries in La Geria.


Even though Jameos del Agua is a tourist trap, it’s also a must see and do thing in Lanzarote along with the Los Verdes caves.


The Jardin de Cactus is one of Ceasar Manrique’s finest works the best garden is all of Lanzarote.

Ceaser Manrique’s Works

There is nothing that depicts Lanzarote’s uniqueness than the works of Ceasar Manrique which are spread across the island from top to bottom.

Miradors & Scenic Views

The number of scenic viewpoints in Lanzarote is astounding and while many tourists only visit Mirador del Rio there are everywhere you look and should want to visit.

The views atop Risco de Famara are incredible and should not be missed.


Malpais de la Corona is such a wonderful place.


Eating out in Lanzarote is also fantastic. Holidaymakers may find a variety of cafes and restaurants in Lanzarote along the beautiful promenade area of the resorts where you can enjoy the local cuisine, traditional tapas, international dishes, and fresh seafood.


The nightlife in Lanzarote is mainly centered around the four resort areas of Playa Blanca, Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, and Costa Teguise which offer a variety of charming pavement cafes, dance halls, and pubs.

There are also a lot cabarets and musical events spread about that you find in our handy things to do at night guide.


What isn’t there in Lanzarote. From theme parks, water parks, zoos and more.

Theme Parks

Rancho Texas is the main theme park in Lanzarote, but it’s not of the rollercoaster variety. They offer animal shows with dolphins, sea lion, birds and more. Theres’s also some themed area for kids to see an Indian village or mine for gold.

Water Parks

There are two main water parks in Lanzarote, which are the Aquapark in Costa Teguise and Aqualava in Playa Blanca. Dino Water Park is also in Playa Blanca, but it’s more for smaller children and those looking for something included with your stay.

In Puerto del Carmen there is a smaller water park at Rancho Texas which does get quite busy at times, whereas if you’re staying in Arrecife, you’ll have to drive or take a shuttle bus tour to get there.

Zoos & Animal Parks

Ranch Texas is a great place to start along with Pardelas Park for less touristy feel.

Pirate History

Lanzarote’s history is full of pirate invasions and all the castles, forts, etc. you see here were built for early detection and many of the islands caves were used for refuges during attacks.

The Pirate Museum in Teguise is a great place to catch up on the past.


There are no shortage of museums in Lanzarote, but a large number can found in Arrecife.

Art Galleries

There are also many art galleries in Arrecife too.


Ceasar Manirique placed many statues and monuments all over the island and all the newer ones tend to follow a similar design of uniqueness.

Tours and Excursions

The tourist dollar makes the world go round in Lanzarote, so no matter what you want to do there’s always someone waiting nearby to have you and your money part ways.

From Submarine tours, waverider boats, sea treks to dolphin sunsets to camel safaris.

Aloe Vera

While you might not recognize it, aloe vera grows abundantly throughout Lanzarote and there are many places to see that relate to this wonderous plant.

You can wander around freely at the Acera de Lanzaloe plantation or see a more touristy version at the Aloe Museum.


It’s all about the bodega in the La Geria region where they are famous for their homegrown wines that still wonderously grow in this harsh environment.

Hiking Trails

See a mountain, climb a mountain. If you look closely, you’d find that almost every hill has a both a walking path and beautiful scenic view from the top.


The pirates who invaded Lanzarote time and time again throughout history inspired the building of all the medieval works you see. From cannons to watch towers to full on protection in the castle, the citizens of Lanzarote found hard and long to preserve their freedom.