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There are many things you should now before traveling to Milan, our extensive FAQs contain the answers to all the questions our visitors ask.

Milan Geography

Milan Info

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy; the Italian equivalent of Paris, France.

No, it is, however, the capital of the Lombardy region of Italy; the most populous, richest and most productive region in the country.

You’ll find Milan in the Lombardy region on the northern tip of Italy’s boot. You can draw a line south from Lugano, past the Switzerland border. and through Lake Como into Milan. In a westerly line can find it to be parallel to Verona and Venice, just southwest of Bergamo.

The metropolitan area of Milan has a population of 3.26 million with 1.4 million of those living in the city proper. Milan is also the second-most populous city in Italy with only Rome, at 4.3 million, having more people.

Yes, Milan/Milano is most definitely a city in Italy; and with 3.26 million inhabitants, it’s only second to Rome in population. If you thought it might have been in France, this may simply be because it’s the fashion capital of Italy, and is sometimes mistaken for its Paris counterpart.

Yes, Milan/Milano is located in the Lombardy region near the tip of Italy’s boot, and the Switzerland border.

You’ll find Milan/Milano in the Italian Republic; the country of Italy/Italia.

You’ll find Milan in the Lombardy region on the northern tip of Italy’s boot, southwest of Bergamo and directly south of Lake Como and the Switzerland border.

Milan/Milano is located in northern Italy in the Lombardy region. It’s so north in fact, that the Switzerland border is but a short 166 km drive away.

For starters, Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, so if you’re talking Gucci or Armani, you’re talking about Milan fashion. It’s also the economic heart of Italy with many titans of the financial industry being headquarters here. Leonardo Da Vinci also spent many of his years in Milan leaving many tourist attractions behind like his famous Last Supper painting and the murals in Duomo di Milano. His famous Codex of Templar fame is also located in Milan as are many of his inventions. On top of that, there’s FC Inter Milano, the most famous football club in Italy!

No, but there’s more to the story than that. It was only in 1871 that all the provinces of Italy were unified with Rome being named the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.  In 1946, the monarchy was disbanded and the name changed to the Italian Republic or Italy as we know it today.  Milan, however, existed centuries before in 222 BC and was known then by its Latin name of Mediolanum. The city served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire, the Duchy of Milan, and the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia.

You’ll find Milan/Milano on the northern tip of Italy’s boot, just southwest of Bergamo. If you’re wondering in relation to Venice, it’s in parallel with the canal city directly west across Italy. You can also draw a straight line down from Lugano, across the Switzerland border, and through Lake Como to Milan. To the southwest, you’ll find Torino almost an equal distance away from Milan as Verona is to the east.

Milan Airports

Milan MXP Airport

Ensure you pack everything you need in-flight inside your carry-on bag while ensuring it does not exceed 5 kg or contain any prohibited objects. Pack everything else in your checked luggage while also ensuring there are no dangerous objects within.

For check-in and security control, keep all of your travel documents in a secure, but easy-to-reach pocket or bag.

Furthermore, be courteous, patient, and respectful with all Milan MXP Airport staff. Even when you’re in a hurry, be prepared to kindly answer any question the check-in desk, passport, and baggage control might ask you.

You should arrive at MXP airport at least 2-3 hours prior to departure so you can check in your luggage soon after the desk opens. Getting your boarding pass and navigating through passport control could take approximately 30-90 minutes.

The airport also has 76 departure gates, so you might need to add an extra 10-20 minutes after passing through customs to get to your flight.